Where can I apply?

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I never thought I would have to answer this question, but after gazillionth question received, here it is:

There is no universal entity anywhere in the world, taking job applications in the name of all cruise lines.
Therefore, you have to select the cruise line you fancy for some reason.
After you did that, you find official web page of that particular cruise line.
Then you scan a website through, for small letters saying “Careers“. That’s where you want to be. Not “employment”, not “recruiting”, but “Careers”.
All relevant employment information, including recruiting agencies & local representatives, will be there for you to find. Find email address on that page and apply.
If there isn’t any – the company doesn’t employ.

If you take a different approach, and in your search for a cruise ship job visit local recruiting agency, then your wish to work for particular cruise line no longer matters.
Why? Because your local recruiting agency has hundreds of candidates, and will much rather take a candidate without “special needs”. They want to send you where they think is best for them, and they don’t care if you love more Royal Caribbean than Carnival.

Be sure that you’re at the right web page.
Most major cruise lines have their domain registered at .com domain.

Pay attention to email address listed under contact info. Do not be fulled by, for example, carnivaljobs@gmail.com, or carnivaljobs@yahoo.com. Anyone can open email address at yahoo and gmail. The right email address will come with the name of the company AFTER the @ sign. For example, the right email address for Royal Caribbean ends with @rccl.com
In rare cases, official cruise line company will forward you to a recruiting partner that doesn’t have @company.com address structure, but you can trust them since you got forwarded there from the official page.

If you come across the page asking you to pay for anything related to the employment, you are dealing with the scammer. Plane and simple.

For one more measure of assurances, here’s how Letter of Employment of official cruise lines look like.

There you go.
Stop sending me heartbreaking messages along the lines of “I want to apply to work in your good company sir”.
I don’t have a company. I have a cruise ship jobs forum, where your questions and concerns will be answered by one of hundreds cruise ship veterans.
Register at forum and ask there, or ask here under the text if you must.

In any case, don’t leave your pleading message after every text about cruise ship job you read, saying that you are available, and even more important – do not publish your email address and expect to be called to work. Cruise industry recruitment personnel is not reading texts on internet, and they don’t search for employees finding their email addresses in comment section.
They are not that desperate for employees. It is much more likely to attract scammers & spammers that way.

I still get many messages to the latest posts, saying “I am interested”, “Contact me on xyxyxy telephone”, etc …
People, my texts are mostly translated from crew forum, and speak about working conditions onboard different cruise lines and different positions.
And if you think you can get a job by saying “I am interested, this is my telephone number”, I assure you, you will never get a cruise ship job of any kind.



50 thoughts on “Where can I apply?

  1. Hi my name is Dulce . How can I apply for a job with your company .. I made a contact with prince cruises .. I already finish .. and I want still working on board .
    What should I do ?
    I’m from Mexico but for now I’m on unites states for vacation
    My position was assitant buffet ..
    I wait for response

    • Hi Dulche.
      First, did you read the text above?
      It looks like you didn’t.
      What did I write after words:”There you go.”?

      Second. If you have completed one contract with the cruise ship company, before disembarking, you should have received instructions on how to proceed further.

  2. Hi I want to know what can I apply for a job in cruise I contacted with steiner them they send me a list of recruiter and agency for apply directly but I send my CV and I don’t have an answer yet please can you help me?

  3. Hy haw i can apply for royal carabbien i am 2nd engineer and i want to try to be employer in this company!!

  4. I’m Evangeline Evangelista a Filipino citizen, I want to apply in your company, I’m currently work in Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation since 1993, my current position Slot Machine Operations Attendant II, hoping to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  5. I want to apply in your good company as a shop attendant, am currently working on a ship as a receptionist, i would like to try other fields in selling and I can see that I can be an asset too in your company…hoping for your positive response on this matter and willing to undergone training and interview if it is really needed.

    Yours Truly, Rina Delos Reyes

  6. I would like to apply for the Information Systems Manager position at Carnival but I don’t know where to apply to.

    • Thank you. I get stupid email every day regardless, here’s a sample from my inbox; “I want to apply”, “I need a job”, “I would like to be part of this company.godbless”, “Any vacancy about me plz reply me. Thankyou”, “what is the process I have to follow up.” … and so on. I even get emails saying:”How can I apply?”.

      • I think that many of those responding can’t read or their English reading comprehension is poor/limited.

        Still i have to admit, after your long post with detailed instructions on how to apply, it made me laugh to see the responses. I can see though how it would drive you crazy 🙁

    • Nobody is reading it seems!! Craziness I agree. English language is awful too! Its obvious to me that this is a forum, maybe that gets lost in language translation. Just keep putting the link to apply only for employment application questions.

  7. Hi

    I had applied for royal Caribbean cruise line, was interviewed 3 times on skype and finally got mail that i’m through and selected. And that they would send me next steps thru mail in due time, but after sometime, i received mail from them saying that – i had requested for my profile to be deleted from their system and i wont be able to apply for any jobs on their website instead i need to open a fresh account. And a second mail received said that as of now they are not considering for the post for which i was earlier congratulated, and encouraged me to re-apply for any relevant course. I dont know whom to contact or what to do. any suggestions or direction.


    • I don’t think you were dealing with the Royal. Probably someone wanted to shake you for money. What’s the email address you were congratulated from?

        • Sounds like a big screw-up.
          Try to contact them via FB page, they seem to respond to questions.
          In any case, they should have reinstated you in process, and admit mistake of punishing you for alleged delete request you have not made … It makes absolutely no sense to congratulate you for passing the process and to interview you again …

  8. Off topic but quick question. Is the “Future Cruise Consultant” considered to be a “good” job onboard? I’m interviewing for this role right now. Considered non stripe 2 bar officer, shared cabin. 1700 a month base but they said you can make 60 – 90k a year. 4 months on 2 months off.

    Not sure what the hours would be like, also wondering about deck privileges (eat in pass buffet for example).

  9. It’s an awesome job with great privileges. I seriously doubt they would let outsider have that job. Usually there’s a huge fight of veterans with at least 5 contracts for that job. Whoever has more friends & strings onboard wins the battle.

  10. I work as a cruise travel agent here in Canada and also have years of both sales and group presentation work experience. Maybe that’s why I got the interview.

    What are the hours like? Is it also a 10 hour a day job? In the phone interview they were not really clear about the hours.

    They said that the cabin is shared but may be a passenger inside cabin (or not depending on space).

    What does 2 “non” stripe officer mean exactly? I want to understand where I would fit in the pecking order and what life will be like.

    • Don’t worry about the hours. You need to be seen for 2-3 hrs working, and that’s all. Nobody will control you if you go for coffee break or anything. It’s one of the easiest jobs onboard. If a cabin is shared, you share it with someone from Purser’s department, someone working at reception or his/her supervisor, never a passenger. Don’t know what non-stripe means, but who cares, you get to wear white uniform and eat wherever you want …This is what I’ve observed on Princess Cruises, but within the industry, that particular position is equally treated everywhere. If you want to know more, it is probably a good idea to ask here, it’s a forum with many pursers currently working onboard RC, they should know details.

  11. This position is with NCL. I think non stripe officer means you wear business suit instead of officer white but are considered to still be an officer.

    I’m interviewing today over video conference so I appreciate your comments!

    I’ve been mulling it over. The base pay is low by Canadian standards where renting an apartment can run 1200 – 1500 a month CAD (about 1000 – 1300 USD). I’m married so I would still be supporting a household at home. The commission/incentive though is very high if true and more than makes up for the low base. I’m still trying to figure out though if you can truly make that much in commission. 60k USD a year with commission is good pay in Canada .. Equivalent to 70k CAD.

    How crazy is life on board? I read “Cruise Confidential”.

    Thanks for the advice I’ll definitely check the forums.

  12. Hey I’m trying to register on the forums. It says I did not answer the verification questions properly but I know I did … I tried multiple times.

    • Try with this:

      If you don’t see the screenshot, forum is currently locked. I tend to lock it off and on, in attempt to get people to register. Forum is so well organized, that people don’t feel a need to register.

      Back on topic.
      How long is your contract?
      I am sure that cruise line job is an avenue worth exploring. More than anything else, it is an eye opener. It will help you see your current job from much broader perspective.

      How crazy is life on board?
      It is as crazy as you want it to be.

  13. Oh the problem registering the question was First letter of this domain? (1. slovo domene) [1 letter]:

    I put “s” but answer is i.

    On topic:

    Contract will be 4 mth on 2 mth off (vacation unpaid) or 6 on 3 off. My choice. They said i can eat crew or staff mess but not officer. Weird they originally said position was 2 stripe. I guess it is a top end staff position just before one gets to officer/management.

    Had video interview today i think it went well. Will find out next week if I’ve got the job.

    I’m interviewing at home for other positions too if this doesn’t work out but i hope i get it — seems like a good fit.

    • It’s not patience, it’s the fascination by the number of people who (supposedly) read the text dedicated to answer their question, only to ask the question anyway.
      But I think I have figured it out. They just don’t understand English.

  14. Hi, Im a waiter from Hungary. I going to apply for a job on Queen Elizabeth. I want to apply as a bar waiter. Can you help me how skype interview will look? What are they going to ask? What i have to know? Exactly what are questions will they ask?

  15. Off topic
    Mate I’m amaized how many of them are strugling to get jobs just by adding a comment here. Bloody hell i think even if u translate everything in tagalo they will still try to get a job from u. I don’t know if this should be funny or said but still u can find a lot of this people finally geting a job on board, I’m not racist not even close but how the heck is this even possible?!? (Retorical)
    Any way, my purpose was to leave a comment here for the staff maintaining this website, specially for u Admin, u’r doing a very good job and u have a lot of patience, keep it like this! Congrats and best regards from Romania!

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