We are determined to not offer you another contract …



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The reason I have not finished my second contract with the Carnival Cruise Line was injury sustained in the dining room at the escalator leading to the galley.  I hurried down the stairs carrying a tray, lost my balance, made a wrong step, and hop, twisted my ankle.
I felt the pain but said to myself; “common, it’s nothing, the pain will pass”. However, after half an hour, I started to feel even bigger pain all along my left leg’s foot. It was closing time in the dining room, I finished the job and went to the cabin, thinking it’s no big deal and it would go away till the morning …

But no,  I got up in the morning and the pain was still there, I could barely walk. I went to the onboard medical center and explained what happened, got injection shot and a handful of painkillers. We all know how medical center onboard operates.

I also got two days off duty, with a promise of light duty afterwards, but that didn’t pan out, because my foot began to swell.  I got sick leave for 12 days, medical off, until departure home. I went to the hospital in Miami, to see orthopedist, to x-ray my foot, and they found no fracture, it was somewhat harder case of sprained ligaments. I was instructed to rest and undergo electrotherapy

They sent me home, where I followed doctor’s instructions, and Carnival paid for my salaries, cost of treatment, transport, all ok and according to the contract …

I completed my medical leave of absence on 21st of April, and since then I send a good number of emails to crewassistance, and they answered me to be patient, to wait for the decision of the company’s chief medical officer.
Of course, I got no email from them, and eventually got fired by regular mail …

The letter had no explanation or justification for firing me, but wrote that they were glad that I had recovered blah blah blah … as well as:

We are determined to not offer you another contract …
Good luck in your future endeavors …



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