If you have been away from the cruise line company workplace for too long (years), and wish to get back, you will need to send an email to your company hiring department, and here’s how the response may read:

Thank you for contacting Crew Assistance.
As you have been away from Carnival since 2009 it is necessary that you reapply as a new applicant.
You must contact the nearest Carnival approved recruitment agency to reapply & please remember to include your previous crew ID number in the “Former Employer” section of application.
We hope you understand that being a former employee does not guarantee reemployment. All the best, XXXX, Human Resources Coordinator

… or:

We are in receipt of your correspondence requesting re-employment with Carnival Cruise Lines.
Because you have not been employed with the company in over three years, it is necessary that you reapply as a new applicant to Carnival Cruise Lines.
Please be advised that no priority will be assigned to your application.
You should contact your local agent asap for an interview and in order to fill out an application, do not forget to include your crew ID # on your application in the “Former Employer” section.

Do note: Being re interviewed is not a guarantee of a new position.

However, if you have been away for a couple of months, just enough to get off their schedule, you might be lucky to be eligible for rehire process.
In the case of Carnival Cruise Line, follow instructions explained here: Carnival Cruise Line Rehire Process
For Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, use the same process, but with email address

Due to the high number of applicants, very very few cruise lines even publicize information about rehire process. They prefer new-hires.
In fact, I found only one – NCL America.
Here what they say on their website:

Previously worked onboard Norwegian Cruise Line and interested in returning?
Please attach your resume in an email along with a cover letter to Please include the position you worked, a brief statement as to why you discontinued employment with Norwegian Cruise Line and why you would like to return. Your information will be reviewed, and you will receive an emailed response regarding your rehire status.

This, however, might be a unique offer, because it’s available for U.S. Flagged ship crew only, and US citizens are a rare thing onboard any cruise line.
International crew is, unfortunately, much more … expendable.

NCL also claims to respond to:

If you have specific information on how it works with other cruise lines, let me know or post under this text, for others to know.
If you have trouble trying to get rehired, let us know that too …



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  1. How if the local company in your country would not hire you even though to have already rehired letter from the cruise ship? What if the local agency did do an anomally of charging you a fee which is not allow by the law but still insist that makes the reason you can’t go back on board?how can i be helped. Trying to ask the answer from my cruise ship but they didn’t responded anymore? Isn’t it unfair?
    Please answer me back on my emàil coz ive been serving the cruise ship for about 20 years… Thanks & GOD BLESS!!

    • What is “local company in your country”?
      Second, if local recruiting office charge you any fee, you can report that to the Carnival.
      If charging fee is against the law in your country, you can report it to the police.

      You have a letter from Carnival to rehire you? How does it look like? What does it say?

  2. Hi guys!

    It is necessary to notify Carnival about you want to get rehired? What if I go for an interview again as a new hire?

      • Hi, I worked on a cruise Grand Celebration ship for 3 weeks and it was my first time working on a cruise ship. They gave me some papers to sign before I started work but I sign them but didn’t really read them because I was so excited to be there and just wanted to quickly go to work. Everything went find for a couple of weeks until I got sick with diarrhea I talked to the doctor and told her my last regular bowels were 3 days ago. Next couple of days I found out that I’m being fired. I know now that I can never return on that ship but I want to know if any other cruise line like Disney will hire me knowing I got fire for that

        • What can I tell you, READ all the papers before you sign them. If you need more time to consider, take whatever they give you and read it in your cabin before signing. Non reporting of gastrointestinal illnesses is case for immediate dismissal from the ship, reason being, you might have infected dozens of people you came in contract with.

          • I didnt had the sickeness for 3 days. what i was trying to say is that i didnt use the bathroom until that day i came to the docter office. i reported it as soon as i saw i was sick. this is where she misunderstood me. is there anyway where i can plea my case about this. i would love to return.

      • Sir I  got job offer latter from  carnival cruise line i already select in carnival  the position is galley steward my date of join ..3 fab . And port .Sydney australia… But there is some mistake from the comapny side for the c1d visa with my comapny document when I go for the visa appointment the US immigration reject my visa bcz carnival send me the job offer latter Australia port and. The comapny fixed my visa appoiment with us immigration after that they reject my visa so please I need your help and what I need to do that please give me the right suggestion please sir help me I want work with carnival family & my brother also working carnival cruise line please sir this is my humble request please

  3. One more thing: if I recieve the same answer like this (As you have been away from Carnival since 20xx it is necessary that you reapply as a new applicant) can a former assistant waiter go for a bar waiter interview?

  4. It depends on country, local agency … which tend to make their own rules. If they don’t like you .. they will ignore you and focus on fresh, new candidates without baggage.
    That’s just how it is.

  5. hello good afternoon I came emergency and I can not return, if I had known how difficult returned after an emergency, I had stayed on board. just tell me that I can do always been a good worker.

    • Return/Rehire is like dancing on a mine field. If you are lucky enough, you can make it, but a bad move can blow you up. And there is too many.
      What I experienced so far:
      – Former college of mine (restaurant dept) from Romania, she went home with emergency, she bought her ticket back and forth, got rehired. She also has colleges with rehired status.
      – A good friend of mine (housekeeping dept) from Philippines, he went home with emergency, he bought his ticket back and forth, got rehired even he extended his staying at home with one more month (3 months in total).
      – Former college of mine (restaurant dept) from maybe Philippines, she got rehired after 2 years.

      Maybe it is something going on with the airline tickets, or the reason of leaving, or the time away from the company… You see, too much things…

      It depends on which country you are from and the local agency. As far as I see Europeans have a slightly better chance of rehiring because there are never enough new hires from there. But we are just speculating, guessing because nobody saw the rehiring policy in written, maybe it is not exist. Who knows.

      As a side note, I’m also going for a rehire status. Company approved. But I have to do the interview process over again.

      • One of the biggest problem when asking to get rehired to Carnival, here is East Europe, is a local recruiting/partner agency. The agency bleeds new recruits to dry, collecting “a fee”, (4th decade in progress), and I suspect it’s favorite recruits are naive and desperate newcomers, not veterans who had already paid them and know what is going on.
        One report on my forum indicates a crewmember have paid up to €550 for their “services”, often hidden within the higher than normal price of the airfare ticket, and one even reports to have heard from the agent himself; “without €250 you will not get a job”.

  6. Good day Forum Admin team!
    Have a question , would like to know your opinion if I may. I accomplished my last Carnival contract last summer ( 2014) and had to extend vacay to stay ashore longer then planed. Well, long story short – I am trying to get back now, but not quite sure how much time it takes to have definite respond. I e-mailed Human Resource Coordinator, a month later he responded asking about my prof. activity for absent period. Basically that`s it for now. Few weeks passed, still no news. I do not want bother much but just curious – at this point , how much time might it take before I will be responded? What is the procedure in the case? Should I be expecting response for the decision HO makes or do they get back on touch with CM with approval only ?
    Thank you!!!

    • Your wait time depends a lot on how desperate the company is for crew on your position.
      They are very efficient, and most probably the spot needs to open in their fleet-wide rotation plan.
      When it does open, they might call you, but they might take candidates on stand-by first. There are probably candidates from all over the world waiting in line.
      Some reports say people wait for up to a year to get a definite answer, and some people get invitation to get back immediately. There are too many factors involved.
      Few weeks is nothing to worry about. If it goes to months, then you might want to start worrying.
      In meantime, you might want to use Google translator to read some posts of the crew in the same position you are.

  7. Thank you for rapid response, it is very helpful and informative. I assume I should not be expecting to know all the details, as far as I understood decline would be announced right away. Hopefully I am in the waiting list in the system. I was just surfing though Internet for some posts from CM as you suggested. I was covering GSA position for about 2 years and most of the reviews I came across with so far, said waiting period was minimal – couple weeks in average. I trust it is a bit too early to be concerned, will wait and hope for good news from the office in the nearest future 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Hello Admin, please, Can you tell me, do you have a local recruiting or a partner agency in Tunisia? Thank u

  9. hello i would like to know if i can get rehired for NCL after getting terminated because alcohol policy ,its been a long time, this happend 6 years ago i just like to know
    thank you.

  10. Good day Forum Admin !
    I am Rico P. Duavis, I have been working in the Carnival Cruise Lines since July 18, 1999 then I retired last August 23, 2014 as a Team Waiter ( Restaurant Services Department Crew ID Number 244318.
    I have worked for 15 years in the company and it helped me and my family a lot. I have learned a lot and gained countless experiences from the people surrounding me, as well as the environment in which I am in.
    I have a 21 year old younger brother named Charlie Shane P. Duavis which is going to graduate this coming 25th of April 2015 with the BS Hotel and Restaurant Management degree course program. He already had his On the Job Training at Crown Regency Institute of Tourism and Hospitality for 500 hours. He also have accomplished having his Bar and Beverage NCII, Food and Beverage NCII, Housekeeping NCII and Front Office NCII and a lot more of seminars attended. I am asking a big favor if you could please help me let him be trained in the Bar College and work in the Bar department if he is qualified. He is willing to learn form the company and work with the company. I am willing to spend the transportation fee for him to the training area if needed.

    I am looking forward for a favorable response.
    Thank you and more power! God bless.

  11. Hi, I would like to know if I’m still eligible to work with cruise line company since I’m already 55 years old and still very much interested to be re hired if possible. I’m an officer onboard a cruise ship which ceased operations in 1998. Unfortunately the company that I’m working for has stop its operations and we are force to go back to our mainland country. Since then I keep on applying on some local agencies for cruise ship jobs but hiring was very tough and was not easy to be re hired, so I just decided to work locally in my country. For the reason that our economy is getting worst, again I have set my mind and interest to re apply for a cruise ship job whenever possible. I would rather choose NCL to be my objective employer if I will be given a chance to be newly applicant.
    Kindly share your advice as to my objective is concern.

    • Joey, you are talking about rehire, but your company does not exist? That’s not rehire.
      Second, unfortunately, I don’t think that 55 years of age appeals to any cruise line hiring needs.
      Keep applying online, but your chances are slim to none.
      Finally, are you really in position to chose the cruise line you want to work for? Unlikely.
      Good Luck

  12. Hi all,
    I’ve been sent home with a serious injury from Carnival Miracle at April. They choosed an insurance company and a doctor for me in my home town. Since then the doctor said I’m fit for duty. I sent all my medical papers to medical team but they don’t reply. Also crewassistance doesn’t reply to me. It’s been a month I’m trying to reach medical team on emails and phone numbers and still nobody answers.
    Do you have any idea what could I do?
    Thank you for answering.

  13. Hi all,

    Can you please give me some information about CCL scheduling team?
    Is there any email or phone address to reach them?

    Thank you

  14. Hallo admin My name sendian i was stop work one year ago,i stop because my wife just giving birht and she couldn’t taking care baby byherself.and now she asking me to get back to CCL ,what step I supposed to do to get new LOE ,and i got emai like this CM request has been denied if CM takes it upon his own discretion and refuses to join , we will accept it as his resignation. Do i still posible to get back ,thank you admin

  15. hello forum adm , i worked for NCL my last contract was2010 i worked as a bar waiter got terminated coz’ alcohol policy , i found and agancy that i tried i naver say i work for NCL before after few weeks i got an enterview with NCL HRD hiring after the enterview i got news and i was confirmed that i passed the enterview si the agency send me all documents to like visa , medical,etc to get, its been 2 weeks that i sent them all so im waiting for news and joining papers . do you think that could a chance after all movements i made so far . because they have been asking to get my papers done asap.

    • Are you not afraid that somebody would recognize you when you get back to the ship? It’s not a huge company.
      Anyway, it’s a gamble, and if I was a betting man, I would bet against you. Your chances to get back after fired are very very slim.

  16. hello again . more than a question ,, i’ve worked for princess cruises like 2 years ago i never go back after my second contract because i had a low performance so they never rehire me again ,never fired just low performance anyway i never like their management , do you think ? i have the chance to get hired for another carnival corp brand for example i’m trying to get to Carnival cruises or Seabourn cruises , do you think they will look to my feedback ,what would happend in that case?

    Thank you.

  17. Hi. Me and my husband have been trying to get back to working on RCCL since April last year! We’ve written to the rehire email address, we’ve applied as new employees with the hiring partners but still nothing. We resigned but we gave them our notice like a month before we did. They also said we were eligible to be rehired in the future. My question is: why haven’t we heard anything yet? What do you think?

  18. Hi Good evening,

    My situation is funny, i worked with Rccl for 9 1/2 yrs when i was terminated because of a guest complaint that went out of controll. i did not hit anyone i wasnt rude to anyone but i guess they way i answered her she thought i was rude. is there any possible way or rehire if my situation is carefully thought through. my position i held was S Gso. i continue to enjoy being on the front line an i have learn’t how to answer carefully every question being asked by guests. it would be a pleasure for me to get back as this was a way of helping my parents.

  19. Some companies put a code on your last evaluation, like NTR, which stands for “not to rehire”, do you have any code on your last eval? Because that’s the first thing they look at. Another thing, if you did not make any friends with higher management in such a long time, it makes me wonder if they like you or not … If you do have someone to speak for you over there, that’s a big thing, he/she can push things along ..

  20. i am chetan kholkar, worked for celebritiy cruises, as a asst galley operation manager, my id 870955, i have first time onboard after 05 month they terminate to me because i got three warning, which is related to internal audit usph audit. i have forward the request to rehire but they reply to me not eligible to rehire, so can i apply for new position.

    • I am afraid that there’s nothing for you there. Once you get 3 written warnings, that’s it. Case closed. Why are you so locked on to Celebrity? There are many other cruise lines …

  21. Hello I was working as cabin steward for royal Caribbean cruise line but I got fired in January 2015. I send rehire request to rccl but I’m not eligible. Since June 2015 I’m applying with carnival cruise line, p&o cruises, Ncl,Aida and Costa but they asking why I left the company because I was working as cabin steward. They send email to rccl company to verify why I left or I got fired. They came to know I got fired from rccl company and I can’t apply anymore. I want to work but its very difficult for me to apply and get job.My question is why rccl sharing information to other companies about employees? Also how long my records going to be filed with rccl? Is there any chance I can apply any other cruise line?

    • RCCL shares information with other companies only when they ask for it. You should probably find company that does not perform background checks.

  22. Hello,
    Thanks for your honest reply,
    I know many cruise ship companies are there but problem is that only rccl and celebrity having a opening position of assistant Galley operation manager / chief steward, So can i apply same position, & they will consider my application? Please reply….

  23. Hi

    I have worked for the msc I got fired cause a cabin inspection was done as weed was found in my cabin as I am applying for other ship I use them as reference as it was my first contract I am getting regrets from other lines does this mean I must forget abt shiplife for good??

  24. hello admin ,
    i would like to know some question? i worked CCLhotel stewardess in 2014 and signed out 2015 . second contract i had cancel second contract due to climate change i went down with an illness. and i have take food and veberage tranning with the purpose of changing department to the ship be able to support my family took me one year include my two months. now i would like to join CCL . what should i do to work onboard and i need your suggestion . and what will be come . THANKS

  25. I worked with rccl for nine years and got fired for the pmt system .they rehiring I send them my information but got turn down do u think I must try again I really need my job back because there is no agent in st Vincent and the Grenadines

  26. Sir I  got job offer latter from  carnival cruise line i already select in carnival  the position is galley steward my date of join ..3 fab . And port .Sydney australia… But there is some mistake from the comapny side for the c1d visa with my comapny document when I go for the visa appointment the US immigration reject my visa bcz carnival send me the job offer latter Australia port and. The comapny fixed my visa appoiment with us immigration after that they reject my visa so please I need your help and what I need to do that please give me the right suggestion please sir help me I want work with carnival family & my brother also working carnival cruise line please sir this is my humble request please

      • Sir my first LOE carnival spirit port Sydney Australia joining date 2 fab and then my Australian visa is late acording Australian days, after that my LOE is expire, after that I send the mail for secound LOE but the comapny change the LOE for Orlando USA joining date is 8 April after that agency fixed my appointment in USA embessy when I go for appointment in USA embessy they rejected my visa, beasuce that time I have Australian visa so sir I need LOE for the carnival spirit Sydney australian port after that I can join there I very interested to work cruise line carnival so please help me to what is right way to apply for LOE for carnival spirit australia I already have Australian visa for carnival spirit but my LOE is expire please sir what I need to do that for LOE

        • What a mess …
          You should hire interpreter, and have him handle correspondence with the Carnival. Your English is pretty poor and adds to confusion. I can not help cause I am not in any way affiliated with the company.

          • hello admin . could i asked some question? i worked ccl 2014 with hotel stewardess position. but i cancel second contract due to climate change i fell down with an illness and i have take food and beverage training with the purpose of changing department. it took me one year include my vacation two i would like to join ccl again. could you please answer my question it is possible or not. thanks for answering .

          • Why don’t you ask the company? My opinion is just an opinion, it doesn’t matter much. What they answer is the relevant information.

  27. Hello,
    My last contract was on RCCL NV, but on March 10 2016 with permission of bar management, HR and HD I had to go home urgently because my father died. They told me to contact scheduler when I’m ready for reassignment (no longer than 12 months). I’ve done 6 contracts with RCCL as Bartender/Senior Bartender, without any negative record or bad evaluation. I have been send mails to RoseAnn and CrewAss but they redirect me to RehireRequestRccl and they don’t respond for 2 weeks already.. That is very slow and irresponsible! My question is, do they have any deadline to respond, and did you guys had any similar experiences ?

    • Two weeks is nothing. After two MONTHS, you may get slightly nervous, but only after 6 months you have reason to worry.
      That’s how cruise industry works when it comes to cases like yours. Carnival, Royal, Princess … they all make sure that all crew going for emergency realize how replaceable and expendable they are.

  28. Hello admin
    I was recently hired by NCL 3 weeks later unfortunetely i slipped and fell down injuring my knee after xray by ship doctor ther was a fructure iin my knee they repatriated me back home promosing me immideate medical care up to now its my third week without a word a word from tgwm after numerous emailing them does that mean they wont pay my medical i sort my self out?

  29. Hello i was resign from celebrity cruise last year, because of familly issue, i sent email to rehire departement to request come back, but until now there is no response can you help me?

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