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princess rehire

Princess Cruises rehire process just got more complicated. It’s not just a case of sending a letter to company’s HR department saying you want to come back.
Following is a letter you might find yourself reading, after trying to get rehired by the Princess Cruises:

Good day xxxxx

To process rehire requests in a more effective and timely manner, we have developed a Rehire Application for all crew members requesting rehire with Princess Cruises.
Each crew member must complete this application when requesting rehire, regardless of the length of time they have been away from the company.

With immediate effect, please follow the below guidelines when submitting a rehire request.

1.- The crew member must complete the attached Rehire Application.

2. – Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

3. All requests must include: the crew member’s two most recent appraisals

4. Certificate ( with official translation in English) attesting the reason for leaving the company. Missing documentation will result in the application being rejected

5. – If applicable, when disembarked Own Will, a copy of the receipt of the payment for your flight home

After we receiving all these documents you might be considered for Re-hire
We kindly ask you to send us all these documents all at once.

Princess Cruises

Kind Regards



12 thoughts on “Princess Cruises Rehire

  1. Hello,
    Could I know if Princess accommodates couples on the same ship? Me and my fiancee would like to apply.
    Thanks in advance for the info 🙂

  2. i have filled my rehire form with all the required documents and sent it to the Mumbai agency office FMSI 3 weeks back .Also iam continuously following up with them for the result but the mumbai office said they have not got any revert from princess and so wanted to know how long does the process takes .

  3. it depends on department, manning onboard, when the line will open, when somebody gets sick, resigns, get promoted, depends on season, itinerary, but before all, it depends on your last evaluation and reason why you left company.

  4. I filled d rehire form and sent it to my agency fmsi along with all the required documents I was disembarked from the ship on medical ground then I was given treatment and I was given fit by the doctor but he had also adviced me to take some rest then I was given joining date by my agency but when I told my agency that I wanted some rest my agency told me to wait for a year and now I am asked to fill rehire form and now if I call at fmsi they say dat they have not received any reply I just wanted to know how long do i have to wait for the reply

    • You may get answer soon, or never. You made a big mistake by trying to stay longer at home. They have hundreds, if not thousands to take your place. Why would company risk with someone who is medically challenged, and maybe ready to get back but maybe not.

  5. Same thing! Waiting about one month for the company decision about re-hiring. The question is, will I get the answer yes/no or in the case of a negative decision is not whether to send a response?

    • Viktor, Princess Cruise Line has no timetable when it comes to answering questions. If and when they feel like it, they might answer. From previous cases, it takes a week and up to a year to answer. Some people never get the answer. Try sending email on regular basis, once in two weeks perhaps …

  6. hi, i got fired from Princess Cruises for alcohol test failed..
    it passed already 5 years. is it possible to be rehire? even if one of the persons who is taking care of my process, is on charge of all the rotation?

    • When you’re fired for alcohol intoxication, it is for good. No expiry date. But if you have a person inside, anything is possible, depending on that person of course.

  7. I wan’t too come beck with princess,I send meil too my agency they send me this later ,but only problem is becayse I don’ t have my apraizails with me now,do you now who can send me that,any contact in L.A. Mauby?Reason becayse I stoped becayse I get meried And get child…Best regards

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