Perfume Specialist, $1.800/mnth


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Country: Serbia
Company: Princess Cruises
Hire Agency: N/A
Occupation: Perfume Specialist
Ship: Sea Princess
Posts: 2
Well, it’s like this;
I finished the first contract for Princess Cruises as the perfume specialist, and I’m going for another contract in 10 days.
I’m really happy, everything was great, except the manager that did not quite liked me but I kept quiet, and that’s was it.
I was lucky that she was only onboard a month at the beginning of my contract and two months at the end.
Money-wise, I had $1.200 + bonus, I always got bonuses and with it my monthly income went up to about $1.800.
In the middle of the contract they gave me promotion to level 2, due to my positive work performance and I had very good results as consummate host.
In principle, it is very important to know all about the products and not to be too pushy. When I used to remain alone in the shop, I took some books and learned about cosmetics and perfumes, read all and everything to it, and we even did a couple of seminars onboard on the subject.
Out of my whole contract, I had about 60% of days at sea in 6 months, and we were doing 09-22 work schedule, which is totally o.k., you get used to it.
While we had that awful manager, she would find us something to do even in the ports. Say that we had only 2-3 ports in 10 days, she would have us work in all ports, although she could not get it going for too long because people got revolted.

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  1. if i was fired by ccl and i got resign by a company eg gift shopmto work and they are sending me to ccl woulld i be allowed to join?

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