Money spent to get the job on a cruise ship: €2.000


Username: Wiwall
Country: Croatia
Company: Celebrity Cruises
Position: Bar Waiter

How did you hear about the work on cruise ships?
From sister of a friend who worked on the Cunard Guest relations desk, and it seemed interesting to me and so I stumbled upon this forum and slowly started
exploring all of what’s and how’s. I researched a long time since at the time I was 19, and I still could not apply.

What attracted you to apply for a job on a cruise ship?
I needed something new and exciting in my life.
I got tired of people who only complained that there was no work and money, but did absolutely nothing to change it.
Also, the promise of traveling was very tempting, and if I could save a buck here and there, even better.

What recruiting agency for work on cruise ships have you applied through?
I applied through Employment Power from Zagreb.
I decided for them because they were the closest, and organized interviews very often, without any training necessary. I think I didn’t need any training because I’ve learned everything using the scripts.

What company and position have you applied for, and why?
My original asking position was the Guest Relations Officer, but because of a lack of additional foreign language I have decided to try the bar department.
Andrej Antolcic offered me Assistant Waiter or Bar Waiter position. I did not want to go to a restaurant because I assumed it was a lot harder than what was in the bar, which proved to be true.

How long did the interview last and when did you find out that you’ve been hired?
Interview with Andrej Antolcic and Sinisa Golac lasted 20 minutes.
The main Skype interview was immediately after, 3 days later, and I had very little time to get ready and learn all these cocktails, liqueurs and spirits.
I passed the interview in more than good manner, beyond all expectations.The interview was conducted by a very likable Spanish girl so I believe I managed to “charm” her with my version of Spanish language.
The interview lasted about 20-30 minutes, I can no longer remember exactly.
Andrej called me three days later to say that I got the job as a Bar Waiter and asked me if (and when) I was ready for joining the ship.

What was the costs of getting a job on a cruise ship?
About 2000 euros.
In Rijeka alone they charged me about €280 for medical certificate.
I paid for travel ticket €735 + visa.
I had to pay an additional €40 for seaman’s book, because I could not get it in person, and there was a lot of additional costs (for photos, passport, traveling to Zagreb, Rijeka, new clothes + that I took on board with me some €400) ..
I could have saved a lot more had I been thinking clearly at the time.


This text was translated from Cruise ship jobs forum.
Use Google Translate to read the rest.



2 thoughts on “Money spent to get the job on a cruise ship: €2.000

  1. is it possib;e for me to get re hired in any cruise ship companies i was fired last year for alcohol test

    • You get rehired only if you get back to company you worked for.
      Since you have been fired for a very serious reason, you should forget about your previous company, and try to get hired for some other.

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