Letter of Employment

If you have successfully passed the final interview with the recruiter, you are patiently waiting your Letter of Employment, a document essential for your C1/D visa.
Days are passing by, months perhaps, your letter is not in sight.
You’re calling your recruiting agent, which is in reality just a “hiring partner” of the company you’ll work for, only to get “Nothing yet, be patient, it’s probably on it’s way …”
The thing is – your mediator has no slightest clue of when the latter will come.
He/she only knows what company tell him, and, of course, company is going to call him only when they figure out they need somebody onboard as soon as possible.
Scenarios in which a candidate gets more than a week notice to start packing are becoming a thing of past.

Managing the crew rotation within the fleet of 20+ cruise ships is a tall order.
A Fleet Rotation Officer, as they call him, has to fit in myriad of variables, and place a new-hire in a worm bed of his predecessor even before he disembarks off the ship. In perfectly tuned rotation schedule, something will always happen too quickly to respond in a proper way; medical emergency, promotion, resignation, dismissal …
That’s why cruise line companies like recruiting partners who have candidates on stand by. It cost them nothing.
At the other hand, nobody likes to place his life on hold, and wait for the opportunity that might come soon, or only after many months of waiting.
Be prepared to travel at 1-2 days notice, but be also prepared to be simply told that a company has “shifted their recruiting policy”, and your services are no longer needed.
Dozens of candidates from Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia … have all of a sudden received rejection letter.
It seems that a good number of newly hired crew from those countries have tried to earn a buck by suing a company for whatever they could think of, lodging false claims in cooperation with local medical practitioners and bonus hunting ex-crew, familiar with ways to hurt a company.
Having only one tool in their tool box, a sledge hammer, cruise companies in question have not only stopped their recruitment activities in those countries, but axed those poor candidates that already had their joining date and name of the ship.
After passing rigorous recruitment process at no small price, after resigning their previous jobs, and placing their hope for the future in elusive cruise ship job at the other side of the world, BUM!

In eloquent words of their rejection letter:
Why was this decision made? As a result of business needs, the recruitment demands and strategy have shifted, and we must adjust accordingly.
It is not in any way a negative reflection on you, personally; it’s simply a business decision.

Here’s a poll I opened in 2009, asking successful candidates “How long do you wait for your Letter of Employment?”
It involves more than 7 recruiting agencies (hiring partners) in Europe and all cruise lines.
Click at the screenshot for a link to a more recent poll results.

Letter of Employment

Please contribute to a poll.
Tell us how long do you wait for your LOE.



29 thoughts on “Letter of Employment

  1. I am a Carnival crew member since 2010 until present is it possible if i can request to join Costa Fascinosa since ship belonged in same company is it possible

  2. Hi.I sign off at Carnival Ecstasy last Aug.31,2015 and I have arrived Philippines at Sept.02,2015.I’m photographer.May I have please same sign on schedule and same flight with Webster Pangilinan.If you don’t mind..please send me my letter of employment and ticket at my email..Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  3. Hi, i’m new hire in housekeeping. Where can I get information about my join date? I’ve received my LOE, but unfortunately I can’t join at that date because of some documents.

    • Ms Perdana, I would have to know much much more to tell you anything useful. Whoever gives you a LOE, he is most informed party about your leave/join date. Unless it is fake LOE of course.

  4. It’s an official LOE from RCL. Because of my documents got delayed, I can’t join ontime. I’ve contact my agent, and they can’t help much, they said that I have to wait email from RCL. I tried to contact RCL, but the web page seems to error, and I can’t send my email. Could u give any information about this kind of case? Where I have to confirm this? I’ve been waiting for about 2 months since then. Thanks..

  5. Hi hello..iam just ask about sign on..I have LOE from my last ship at radiance of the sea..suppost to be my sign on radiance..then suddenly they change my ship..iam joining at the explorer of the sea..theres any changges to my same ship before…bcouse iam sad..I have my promotion there as stateroom..my last posistion us a cleaner.they promte me..theres a chance to take my promotion from new ship of explorer..thk u..

    • Biju, I am somewhat astounded to Carnival’s generosity to have you for their employee, considering your weak command of English language.
      If someone asked me to scramble a normal, meaningful sentence into what you wrote here, I couldn’t have done it better that you.
      I was trying to figure out what you meant by it, but my coffee got cold and I gave up.

  6. hi im Luisito from carnival breeze i just signed off last Aug 8 . i just want to know why until now i haven’t receive any email. concerning any of my flight details or my LOE i just got home yesterday but i mean even my last vacation i didn’t receive any email at all?… my employing agency still process my papers. i know how important for us to confirm if were coming back or we need some more time to process some of our papers. as well for the company. thank you sir for your consideration.

  7. I got selected through Hiren international dubai consultancy in February 2016 and till now waiting for my LOE, how can I get information about LOE from RCL

  8. hi im Rey Ruel Emerson C. Dugenio i just signed off of carnival paradise last dec.15,2016, i want to join back anytime sir/ mam this is my new email adres:: emersondugenio79716@yahoo.com,,,,, Thank u you sir/mam for your consideration

  9. Dear sir and mam.

    This is to inform you that. I get the offer letter 6 month ago. I want to know joining date when it will come. Can you please assist me . for the further information.
    I am very thankful to you.

    • This is to inform you that I have nothing to do with yours or anybody else employment.
      This website is of informal character. It informs. It does not issue letters of employment.
      We are very thankful to you.
      Sir and mam

  10. i ve been waiting for letter of employment for almost 5 monts, and it still not knock my house door yet, can anyone share ? will it come for sure ? its just a matter of time, isnt it ?

  11. I am looking to do a Employment Reference for someone who worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, can you give me direction on where to go?
    I do not see a tab to click on other than yours that would be any thing close to verification of employment.

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