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Country: Croatia
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Ship: Disney Wonder
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Hello everyone from the Disney Wonder!

Just wanted to say hello. I will answer on a personal messages later today.

I’m still on a ‘first week onboard’, and the second is not promising to be any easier. Trainings all day long. For example, today I had a crowd management and safety familiarization 2; started at 8 am finished at 18:00.
Since IT Technical Specialist is officer’s position, I have some additional things to do … until the end of the SECOND contract, and after that ‘only’ a few lectures a month.

The day currently looks like this:
I get up at 6:00;
Officer’s Mess opens at 6:30 am for breakfast;
at 7:00 in the meeting of officers in the Electrical Department with Chief Electrical Engineer running a lead; When it is finished I’m on trainings all day long, and then again at 18:30 meeting of officers in the Electrical Department, followed by dinner and then I am ‘free’ to get busy with laundry, small shoes, running errands like taking security tests in the security office, etc.

This first week is total madness.

IT Department falls under the Electrical Department, which is under the Engineering Department (formerly Engine), and consists of two crew members – IT Technical Analyst (two stripes) and IT Specialist (2.5 stripes).
In two weeks we officially end all mandatory trainings and IT Specialist goes home. Current Analyst goes to 2.5 stripes, and I’m staying Analyst and moving to on-call duty. During he holes in between my HR and Safety Trainings, a Specialist leads me on around the ship, showing me ship’s IT equipment in a speed of 2 decks per day. There’s no way to memorize everything, but at least I saw how things looks around.
I think that there is no fire Screen Door that we didn’t open in order to access Racks of equipment – Remote Data Point. There’s loads of all kinds of systems specific to the cruise industry and hotels, many of whom are internally developed so there is no way of knowing know how something works from before. I will describe those systems in more detail on another occasion.

Oh, yeah … I report to Chief Electrical Engineer, who is under the Chief Engineer who is head of the Engine Room and the Electrical Department. The trick on Wonder is in following: Chief El. Engineer is Croat (the boss), Staff Captain is Croat, 2nd Engineer (Head of the Engine room) is a Croat, Environmental officer is Croat, 1st Electrical Engineer is a Croat, etc. … There are other Croats in the Engineering and on the bridge.
Only Captain is American, and the second under him again Croat. Americans say that the Croats are very good engineers on board and top sailors so it looks that they like them very much.

They tell me that the Magic has similar situation to ours. There is another IT Analyst, Croat, who is now on the Dream, he has been working for years at Disney, and switched from shore excursion job.
Denis, married a South African girl, also works for Disney.

Sorry for the ‘unorganized thoughts & lack of concept’ in typing, but I do not have time for something more constructive. Tomorrow I get up at five to meet immigration and customs officers, responsible for issuing I95 permit, then I have to connect optics to the gangway terminal and complete lots of errands until 6:30 so that embarkation can move on, then breakfast and the meeting at 7:00 and so on …
There really isn’t Germany. You have to work here.

Leaving …

Here’s an IT Analyst’s epaulette, if someone is interested in how it looks. All new comers receive an ‘Earning my ears’ ribbon, and carries it the first two weeks along with his name-tag.
That way, people smile at you, and send you wherever you need to go if (when) you lose yourself in a labyrinth of white walls.

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10 thoughts on “IT Technical Specialist

  1. I’m an IT Specialist here in Canada, I wish I could be where you are, I applied before but never got any replies, I enjoyed your post and good luck to you!

  2. Congratulations Majst0r, I’m happy to read this positive post of you. I’m curious what recruiter you have contacted before you got this job offered? A lot of success and good luck to you!

  3. Hi Majst0r,
    I have just had a Skype interview with someone from HR with regards to this position. Can you give me a heads up on the kind of thing that they might ask in the technical interview stage should I make it to that stage?
    Any advice much appreciated, cheers !

  4. Can anyone plz help me to get a job as IT specialist in any cruise ship . I have tried a lot with Many companies but no even single response.
    I love this job verymuch. Me so eager to work in there.
    But no chances .
    Plz anyone from in this field can u plz help me!
    I have 3 yrs of experience in hospitality industries

    And thanks in advance

      • Sir I know cruise lines looking for educated and experience candidates only ,
        I agree with that truly
        But I have a question’s for u?
        How can they decide I am not a experience nd so educated without an any interviews.

        • Very simple.
          If you don’t attach any certificate of competency in your application, you are considered by cruise line to be inexperienced and under-educated for a position.

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