I have a strong desire to work on a cruise ship, but I’m confused

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Hello, veteran sailors.

I’m not sure whether I am posting these questions at the right place, but I would like to ask you a couple of things. I am preparing for a job interview, and I have a strong desire to work on a cruise ship, but I’m confused because a lot of things are not clear to me.

Firstly, do on-board salary payments happen at the end of each month and are payments directed to a credit card and what card is convenient/available? Is foreign exchange UniCredit card ok?

Secondly, certainly there are ATMs on board so I should not worry for picking up cash?

Furthermore, is there a possibility that we could send the money via Western Union to home (say when the ship docks in a port etc ..)

I was wondering also how much money is needed to bring from home in order to survive the first month?

In the morning, when I have to go to work, is anyone coming to wake you up or how does it work? I am very hard to wake up and is there is going to be a Filipino who is also difficult to wake up, what will happen to us then?

Is there a possibility that I get a nice looking Filipina for a roommate? That would be Jack pot, ha ha ha!

Can I use the phone onboard and call home because I would go crazy if I don’t check with my family every day?
Veterans, thank you for your answers. Sry, but I am a pioneer to a lot of things …

Thanks for your help.

Read some of the answers here: http://www.inozemstvo-posao.com/smf_1-1-2_install/index.php?topic=10652.0
(Use Google translate)



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