I applied for Harding Brothers via their website, and got the job!


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Country: Hrvatska
Company: Harding Brothers
Hire Agency: Harding Retail
Occupation: Sales assistant

Respect and regards to all of you,

First of all I would like to thank all of you who share information and experiences on the forum, without which it would be almost impossible to get a job on a cruise ship.
On this forum, I read everything about the job in the gift shop department, so I decided to apply for Harding Brothers directly through their website.

I have never worked in the store but understand the business, I sent my CV and two days later I got an e- mail to chose a date for a telephone interview that lasted 15 minutes, with a young lady who had a strong British accent.

My English is not at a high level and I am 31 years old. So you don’t have to be afraid of the conversation, questions are the same ones that are written here on the forum, I learned them by heart. I didn’t give her a chance to speak, and she right away said ok, you’ve passed the interview, and asked when we can talk via Skype, and we agreed to talk in two days.

When day for the second interview came, I drank 2-3 shots of strong drink and the conversation started. I did not take a smile off the face, which is obviously very important thing to them, and the conversation lasted 25 minutes. You go together through your CV and most important things you need to know are “target” and “add on sale”.

The very next day I received an e-mail saying I got the job, and need collect the following documents; C1/D American Visa, MCV Australian Visa, Norwegian or ENG1 Medical, STCW Training certificates.
I managed to get all certificates and documentation, and they noted that STCW for now was not needed and they would let me know if I would need it later.
I completed medical exam at Dr.Lukin for 300kn (40 euros) in Zagreb, I quickly acquired US visa valid for a year, plus I asked and received a tourist visa, since at the embassy they give 2 visas for the price of one.
You get Australian visa by completing an online application and afterwards you receive it to an e-mail within two days. I got 2 recommendations from previous employers and that was it.
The complete procedure lasted from 09.07. means about a month, from applying to completing the paperwork.

Best regards



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  1. Hi! Autor says about questions of the telephone job interview “questions are the same ones that are written here on the forum”. But I can not find approximate questions here. Please, help me. Thanks

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