Fine Jewelry Specialist


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Fine Jewelry Specialist on a cruise ship – the process in steps

Hello everyone,
As this forum helped me with a lot of things, I want to repay a little, and describe how hiring process went along in my case.

I applied through Kouzon hiring agency, for the position of Fine Jewelry Specialist (I sent the application by mail). They called me later that day and scheduled my interview via Skype in next 2 days. The preliminary interview was conducted to see my knowledge of English and knowledge of selling jewelry and all about the jewelry of course.
I had previous experience, I worked with silver and gold. Considering that position of Fine Jewelry Specialist requires a lot of knowledge about gemstones, cuts, purity and so on, I went on training in Belgrade, which lasted 3 days.
There we learned all about the history, forms, types, sources of precious and semiprecious stones, about the sale of the same and about how to approach customers and the environment on board. A lot of learning and google-ing! .

After passing the exam, I was scheduled for an interview with the MSC company representative.

The interview was conducted by a girl, very pleasant, who asked me about my experience and how I performed in selling, what is add on sale, cross hall, up sale and so on ..
She asked me question about gemstones and the interview was mostly very positive for me. It lasted for about half an hour.

Finally, I asked if there will be more of the interviews, I was told that this was the last interview and I’ll know the results by tomorrow.

After 2 days they told me that I passed and that I would soon get necessary documents for obtaining the medical certificate and STCW95.

Medical (medical Panama) I could get anywhere in the country so I obtained it at the nearest medical facility to my home and the cost was €175 + yellow fever vaccine €35
Kouzon organizes STCW95 and cost was €550, but going to Skopje was too complicated and expensive, since I would have to pay for accommodation there, so I went to Rijeka, where I had free accommodation with a colleague who also plans to get a cruise ship job.
The price of the course and exam in Rijeka totaled the same as if I opted for Skopje, because as a foreign citizen I had to pay double price of the exam, along with some taxes and such … but again, I am satisfied.

I sent all documents to the company around 20th of July, and I’ve been waiting for boarding since then.

This morning received a call, I am to board the cruise ship in Venice on 13th.

I hope everything will be okay. My colleague has gone a month ago, reported the first salary was €2.500.
If I get the same, I’ll be overjoyed.


It is said that MSC returns the money for the medical, but they don’t. It’s written in crew guide too.

It’s my first time on board, hopefully I’ll learn the ropes and all and get back to you guys, I am on Mediterranean until December and then go to Havana.

Wish me luck!