Employment Agencies

The majority of all successful cruise ship employment processes go through the cruise industry partner agencies, located around the world.
Sometimes, there will be one country with the partner license, that will be in the charge of the applicants for a region or several countries.
For example, Employment Power agency from Zagreb, Croatia, has a sole permission to recruit wide range of Hotel Staff, for Carnival company, from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, … and basically all East Europe, and no other agent/agency can employ candidates for Carnival on its own.
At the other hand, Serbian agency “Safe Cruise” and Macedonia-based “Kouzon” agency are partner agencies for the Princess Cruises, and Employment Power agency from Zagreb is not.

A very small percent of successful cruise ship employees manage to get the job through Skype interview, without “face to face” interview, and without having to deal with the employment agency.

Whether you search for jobs at sea starts with Princess cruise jobs, Disney Cruise Line jobs, Carnival Cruises or other, your first stop on the way to a cruise ship life will most likely be a local employment agency licensed to present you with the current employment openings.

Before you consider cruise career opportunities:

Chose cruise ship company before you chose the job

If you see yourself fit for a cruise ship life, chose the cruise company you want to work with first, and only then – employment agent that would take you there.
Some Employment Agencies are not licensed to employ you for some cruise ship companies.
If you favor Princess Cruise employment, and local agent is only licensed for Disney Cruise Line employment, he will inevitably try to get you to consider working for Disney.

Should you decline his offer, and fail your first choice, you will be forced to get back to him.
He might not be forthcoming like before. That is why is important to chose the right cruise company at the first place.
Research your cruise employment opportunities well.

The Cruise Ship Jobs Forum is a One Stop Shop for all your needs.
Use it.

Unlike with many other cruise ship jobs forums, registration is here free.
Forum is moderated and spam free. Some years ago, when I was researching Princess Cruise careers, there was nothing like it.
Since then, the forum has become the meeting place of hundreds cruise ship jobs veterans, describing their experiences with the cruise lines they have worked for.
Some companies pay for the same job more $$$.

Cruise ship jobs online

Need to find work fast?
Apply online and try Skype job interview with the cruise company main recruiter.

All the cruise ship companies have Careers page at their web site.
If they get impressed by your CV, or there is an urgent need for a certain job, they will bypass their recruiting partners and call perspective candidates directly.



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  1. my name ýs gunaydýn aslan and wrýtýng from bursa turkey , as you may see on the attached fýle ý have enough experýence and all kýnds of shýppýng lýcýences and documents . I travelled 6 týmes around the world and worked wýth russýans , greeks and rumanýan people . In my spare týmes ý used to work ýn 5 star hotels ( kervansaray termal hotel ) as a waýter ( banket servýce , self servýce ) . ýt wýll be a great honour to work wýth ýcma .
    Since 1988 I have been working in a marine sea kamort / MESSMAN / worked as a waiter, could you help me I want to working on cruise ships. 05422329462

  2. hello.,
    I have been interviewed couple of day ago and after that they sent me a mail in which they have mentioned that in need to submit some certificates like { International cruise line English training, Cruise ship specific training, security awareness training, basic safety training.} can you please guide me how to get it done and from where.
    I will be very thankfull to you.

  3. Dear sir.i’m oktorial abrimen looking for job as housekeeping cleaner or any suitable job for me.i’m interest for this job.my experience at bunga ayu hotel,mv agean paradise/turkish,mv camelot king town/ligabue catering.my email;tom_beco@yahoo.co.id phone: 6281288837302.i hope can be join with your company as soon as posible.many thanks and best wishes

    • Unfortunatelly, you would find difficult to “be join with my company as soon as posible”, since I do not own any company.
      As I have stated many times before, I am news publisher.

  4. Good day. Im ed,31 and applying in CCL carnival freedom. I just want to ask if i applied directly as someon referred me, do i need to shoulder the visa processing fee? Amounting around $700??? Thank u

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