Emergency sign off – Risky move


Thinking of getting of the ship via Emergency sign off?
Be careful, getting back is harder than you think.

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Here I’ll share my story about emergency sign off, so you’ll know what’s waiting for you ….
I was on my 2nd month of my second contract, when I learned I had emergency at home, and the ship’s management team has dealt with the situation as best as possible, 3 days later I was on my way home already, because it really was urgent, plus my airfare had been paid even though I just got a salary from my first month onboard, and I had enough money.

The story continues, I got home, the situation unraveled after about a month and a half, I gathered all documentation they asked for, filled re-hire application, completed required documentation from a medical side of the story (as the emergency was about health of a family member) and sent “I’m ready to come back” mail, however, I am told that they are full in position buffet /asst buffet, and it was impossible to accept the request, and told me to report back in early January.

And here we are, it’s early January, they replied saying that still many many people wait for their turn too, they would forward my papers but could not guarantee that my application would be considered …

Here we are, it is not good, I do not know what to tell you, watch out, if you have really really big urgent need to go home, go ahead and ask for Emergency sign off, but I underline only if it is REALLY urgent, because I do not see a way out this situation. It seems to me that my return to the ship is mission impossible, regardless to have completed all the required documentation and not being rude to send emails and call every other day.

So I say again, be careful, they’ll be quick to help you leave, but to return …. I do not know .. I’m lost ..



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  1. how do i sign up? it has always been my dream to work on board so even if the salary was $1000 i would gladly take the job. just one thing, the only qualification i have is cxc mathematics. but i would appreciate any kind of job i can get.

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