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12 thoughts on “CREW FORUM

    • Your message is very unclear.
      Where are you? At home? If you are at home, why do you need anybody else to renew your passport? Go to police station and renew it.

      • Sorry to bother you with such a stupid question. Thought there was a way to get it done much quicker if once im home. I tried to renew it last year because a passport should be valid for another 6months after your sign off date but because it hadn’t yet expired south African home affairs wouldn’t allow me to renew it. Fortunately I was able to do another contract with my passport expiring 5months after my sign off date. If I wait for my passport to expire before I reapply then I don’t have much time to get it back before my next sign on date. I will contact someone from here to help me from now on, thank you*

  1. I had several times a situation that my passport was expiring, but C1/D visa inside was still valid until it’s expiration date. I was issued new passport, and when getting back to the ship, I would show my old passport to US customs, and everything was fine.
    Now, it’s true, cruise companies ask that a passport should be valid for another 6 months after you sign off, but that’s just a formality, they don’t look too hard for that. The only reason they ask for it, is that they would love to be able to prolong your contract if they need to. They rarely do.

  2. from the Philippines here, i am looking from someone to help me out for norwegian cruise line. i finished my trainings way back 2003.. got my certificate of completion with the NCL..i just to ask if that certificate do have an expiration or can i still use it for NCL employment?

  3. Hi admin.. I’m bhakti anggara ID 447018 my position laundry attendant .I’m transfer for Carnival magic to going Carnival Vista.I stay in The clarion hotel 3 days.I called Miami Office already.she say tell me I have flight for tommorow morning 1 aprill 2016.I Chek in The front Desk hotel nothing.can yo send fax tiket to front Desk clarion hotel.because I can’t open my email.thanks

  4. I guess i should know the asnwer to this? But gd morning, I was a senior GSO working for 10 years with RCCL when a guest made a complain against me which was un call for and all went down hill, was dismissed under that grounds, is there any possibility of being rehired under such dismissal. would love to be back out there was very dedicated and loved what i do and continue doing what i do best. Thanks

    • that’s right, you know how it works over there, once they are done with you,there’s no going back.
      why didn’t you try other company?, there are many cruise lines out there …

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