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Every crew cabin is equipped with a telephone line, and in the latest new-builds, every crew cabin has an embedded computer station and screen which delivers not so cheap, but very convenient internet access.
The onboard passengers get 128kbps dedicated satellite access, and crew get 64kbps.
The majority of crew members use internet while in port, where they often get a free internet access with a drink or meal purchase in local bars.

The main differences between crew cabins are as follows:

Cruise Ship Officers’ Cabins are above water level, have free cleaning service, free laundry service, porthole, more space, single occupancy, fairly large bed
Staff Crew Cabins are also above water line, smaller than Officers’ cabins, have double occupancy.
Common Cruise Line Crew Cabins are bellow water line, often at noisy location next to watertight doors, cabin occupancy 2-4 crew, toilet and shower is shared with adjacent room, no cleaning provided, smallest bunk beds.

Cabin & Life on a Cruise Ship

Staff Crew Cabin

Very few crew members care much about their cabin size or location.
Cruise ship work hours are long, and there is little time to spend enjoying a cabin.
Whoever is not on duty, and wants to rest, he will fall asleep too fast to care if he sleeps in a Hilton hotel or a bunk bed. Pillow is the strongest sedative.
Is it possible to choose who to share a cabin with?
Cruise lines will accommodate such requests as long as the room mates are from the same department, and an empty cabin is available (which is often the case).

Noise from the corridor parties?
People drink and party in crew corridors, and sometimes it is impossible to get a good night sleep. Calling security staff or purser’s desk will maybe help, but in reality, unless they are breaking staff, nobody will come to rescue. The stress is great, and alcohol is cheap. Since people can not sit in their car and go somewhere else to party, they might sit right in front of your cabin and settle for that.
The reason for a party is not hard to find; birthdays, holidays (of all 50 and some nationalities, disembarkations, promotions …)

Cabin Power Outlets?
Every cabin is equipped with both 110V and 220V power outlets.
Power adapters can often be purchased onboard for a couple of dollars.
However, every electrical appliance has to be tested and approved by an electrical department representative onboard. In case that a weekly cabin inspection finds appliance without a stamp of approval, cabin occupant/s may be in for a written warning. Three written warnings buys you a free airplane ticket to home.

Cabin Cleaning?
For a very reasonable monthly fee, lower ranked crew members from Housekeeping department will be happy to clean your cabin, make bed, bring toilet paper, vacuum carpet, take your uniforms to laundry and back and so on.
Since they have time, and their national average salary is $180, it is a great option for better standing crew on higher paid positions.



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