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Have some words of praise or criticism regarding cruise line crew?
Want the World to hear about it? Possibly even contact him/her?
Write below in comment box, post photos at this FB page, or write extensively about it at the Cruise Ship Crew Forum. He/She might hear about it.

Hundreds of crew online here: Cruise Ship Crew Forum

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2 thoughts on “Contact Crew-Member

  1. My family were on the Liberty. From the time we set foot on the ship everything was amazing. The staff knew what they were doing. They were kind, informative, and had no problem helping everyone with any question. Our first night we ate at the best steak house I have ever eaten at. A 12oz. steak that I barely needed a fork to cut through. The staff was professional and everything was perfect. In the dinning hall, Borko, Maria, and Martha made sure that we never left there without being miserably full and equally impressed. There was more than one occasion that my family left the table upset that we could not physically eat any more yet we had food on our table that we wanted to eat. The one thing I want to make clear, we were told that the cruise ship is a strictly “pay by key card” establishment. The wait staff, waiters, waitresses, housekeeping, they are just like hotel workers, they live on tips. I just wish I could have paid Borko, Maria, and Martha what they were worth. Thank you all for giving my family a vacation they will never forget.

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