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Since I found out a lot of information on this forum, I have found some time to describe my experience onboard Norwegian Sun.

Slot Attendant

After a finished, completed contract onboard a cruise ship as casino slot attendant, I can say that it is a good job. Like any job, it has its bad side, but all together, there are more good things than bad.

In every port, slot attendant is not working as casino is closed. Each port you can get off on a tour / on the beach / shopping / whatever … Working hours are approximately FROM: when a ship sails TILL: depends on how busy it is (late at night).

In general, on sea ​​days you’re working 10 hours, on port days 5-6 hours.

You walk the floor, answer any questions guests have about slot machines, you payout jackpots (every sum in excess of $ 1200) for which in 90% of the cases you get NO tips.
You’re selling lotto tickets (the worst part of the job), explaining various offers, promotions and benefits of joining the ‘casino club’ … You’re refilling coin pushers, fixing minor problems with slot machines (bill jam, bill not accepted, reel tilt, any tilt. ..)
Casino manager sometimes commands the ‘machine movement’ and all the slot department staff (if there is a girl, she is exempted) have to do machine movement …

The majority of jobs complete slot manager and slot technician, but you have to know the basics of electronics and mechanic. If you do not know, you will not get fired, but they will push you to learn, otherwise the machine movement can last 4-5 hours if only two (slot manager, slot tech) know what they’re doing.

The job is paid $900 + tips. You get tips every cruise, but it varies widely, so it’s hard to say how much money you’ll earn. In my case, MAX: $ 4,100 … MIN: $ 1,300 a month …

I do not know off the top of my head what else to write, so it’s better you ask me whatever comes to your mind.



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  1. Bok evo da se predstavim iz Rijeke sam i preko E.P sam prošao intervju za slot tehničara i primljen sam za poslije nove godine možeš li mi reći kakav je to posao po tebi i da li je plaća fiksna ili ide i provizija od kazina i tips puno biš mi pomogao jer mi je ovo prvi put da idem na brod pa imam puno nedoumica unaprijed zahvaljujem

  2. Hello! what English skills needs for a slot attendant? Intermediate or better (upper intermediate, advanced)?

  3. just got hired by Norwegian 🙂 would like to know
    about the housing…is it true that you share cabin with 4 people?
    do you have a day off…..worked for carnival cruise line before and in the casino yes, you get a day off every two weeks…is it the same in Norwegian??? thanks in advance ^___^

  4. I need working cruise ship. My job slot attendant. İ was working cyprus, Georgia, Bulgaria and İraq. .what I need founded job ??

    • Did you read the text at all?

      “The job is paid $900 + tips. You get tips every cruise, but it varies widely, so it’s hard to say how much money you’ll earn. In my case, MAX: $ 4,100 … MIN: $ 1,300 a month …”

      It is all tax free.

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