Carnival Rehire Process

rehireHow to get rehired?

For those who try to get back to work for Carnival Cruise Line, here’s words of one crewmember who had successfully achieved the same:
(full text here: Carnival ReHire)

Here, I’ve completed the Carnival rehire process, so follow these steps carefully if you find yourself in my shoes in the future:

1. Send inquiry to Carnival crew assistance mail
2. Wait for your email to get forwarded to Steven Madrid (in my case, it was one month)
3. Wait for Steven Madrid to grant or deny re-hire request (in my case, 3 minutes from the time I got the answer from
4. Complete your medical exam and send all documentation obtained, together with the MMR vaccine, to the Carnival medical staff Before sending, find a way to resize your attachments to KB size instead of MB, or you’ll risk getting “failed to send email” messages from your email client.
If you keep failing to send email to, try and
5. Wait for medical staff to respond (in my case a month and a half, my doctor forgot to give two findings, and that’s why it got delayed)
6. Wait on Letter of Employment

The first email I sent 11th of September, the date of embarkation I got is 5th of December.
All in all, just shy of 3 months of waiting.

* Royal Caribbean Rehire email contact is



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  1. I have taken retirement last year reason medical unfit from ccl medical board .now it been long almost 1 is there any chance for me to apply again for company yo rehire me.

    • hello my name is Anna, thank you for this topic, it was only reliable information about rehireing in google.I HAWE A question!:)!!
      now i try to rehire for (Star Cruises company in 07.2016-10.2016).i have only this contact . .but i don’t know how to find there (email HR department ) on their site!! if i will wright no this emails
      it was my first contract i did 3 months. i signed a paper that i quit by my own chose.(i didnt give company no resons of my qiting) !!What reason of sign of i could right down?!! to have chance to be rehired to the position on ship.please can you make some successful examples of the rehighering later , how should it look like.
      !!my story: it was my first contract i did 3 months on the ship then company decided to cut half of our celery and sign a new contract ore give as a chance to go home,they pay for the flight.i signed a paper that i quit by my own i wold like to resign, i don’t have HR email accept this…..and i cant find them….please help if i will wright no this emails !!!!What reason of sign of i could right down to have chance to be rehired to the position on ship.please can you make some successful examples of the rehighering later , how should it look like.
      i asked my agent to send a later for rehireing – they sed that star cruise dont reply, and its slightly a chance that they answered for it….. but i think agency just not interesting to get me back
      PLEASE hope for your respond!!!

      • Hi Anna,

        From you text, I understand the company is not interested in rehiring you, otherwise – they would have replied to you already.
        The company has a very large number op new candidates to choose from, and they don’t want to deal with someone like you, who resigned just a month ago.
        It is very strange that you are trying to get back to the same company where you resigned only 30 days ago.
        You should focus on other companies, the cruise industry is much larger than just Star Cruises.

        • from Anna thank you for the answer, but i mail any way on that email that i had.i found this Manager Arlen from my email at linkedin site but I cannot find the email address for HR department on linkedin,maybe you can explain how to find email contacts on LinkedIn if you know the name of the manager, I come across such an article but I lost it…. two of my Batch (friends)maids are still working on the ship that’s why I was considering maybe they can rehire me(because 90% is Chinese stuff and we wore 4 European for all ship staff) two of them stayed.
          another question that I was so dumb enough I did need to get my contract and sign off paper (that paper that I that I signed about quitting my job by my own intentions )from the personnel (maybe it’s HR but we call it personnel )what should I do I don’t know any of emails. hope for your respond,thank you

          • *made mistake
            another question that I was so dumb enough I did NOT get my contract papers from the ship and sign off paper (that paper that I that I signed about quitting my job by my own intentions )from the personnel (maybe it’s HR but we call it personnel )what should I do I don’t know any of emails. hope for your respond,thank you

  2. I was worked @ c.c.l 2009 as a commies seven months. After that want go emergency to my home country, family situation. Then i came back to join the ship after done my annual vacation. When i re-join florida, miami am mistake to work land in america as a chef. Because of my friends given me a bad idea & advice but i cant able to survive @ land in america coz of weather and work place.So i decided to came back to my home country after few months. Now am working as a chef my home country. I feel very bad miss my golden offer @ c..c.l family . Am intrested re-join. Could you explain me? Is in my case possible or not re-join?
    Thanking you.

    • Once you turn down the cruise line, they mark you “not to rehire”.
      It seems that you were expected to join the ship, and you didn’t show up, without explanation.
      I don’t see how could they ever take you back. You had your chance.
      They have hundreds and thousands of candidates with a clean history waiting for a chance to work on a cruise ship.

  3. I was dismssed on 01/03/2014 and my Position was galley steward bit I have being in the fell of assistance weater. So if you can find in your good heart to give me assistance weater job it well be so much better for me……….

    • I work on carnival Cruise line only 4 week because my son was die I took emergency off and now I am in home I send email crewassistance@ they Rly me your request has been approved they forward mail crew shoulder but shoulder not Rly me what your thik they rehire me yes or no

  4. I had a interview with mr, Neale Maker,I wasn’t pass the interview last September 2014 because I can’t to explain of some cocktail knowledge, now I’m full of power knowledge as well and I’m improving my all the product knowledge. I’m hoping to take me back again once pleases! Carnival is my dream place to work

  5. Hi, i ran into a crew member to cheer her up from the back cause she was being feeling really stressed and down for a fee weeks.
    My arm hit her lower chin as she was turning around and she bit her tongue. I apologized on the spot but she was to upset to accept my apologies.
    She said it was a deliberate act and i got fired she wasn’t left to see me so i could explain.
    Now she messages me back and said she is sorry she was just upset and wish for her to speak to someone to get my job back.
    This was so unfair to me i am just a fun person and really wanted to cheer her up. Wish some1 would listen and reconsider.
    This is so hard for me being so innocent in this case what can i do or who can she speak to?

    • Once you got fired, it is next to impossible to get back, because the appeal process works only while you’re onboard.
      It is hard to believe that you could be fired without approval of at least 4 high ranking officers onboard (Captain, Staff Captain, Hotel Director, HR manager).
      And if they all approved your dismissal …

        • She would have to explain why she lied in her statement that got you fired. You see, if company gets you rehired, that would be admission of guilt, and then you could sue company for unlawful termination of your contract. I don’t think they would risk the lawsuit.
          How is your performance history? Any previous warnings or reprimands?

          • Nope my records are all clear. I was highly favored by all my crew and managers because of the person i am. Friendly interactive exciting fun and hard working.

          • Tough. What are you planning to do? I know that it’s possible to get re-hired after successfully suing the company for wrongful termination, but for that – you need that slapped girl on your side, and she is still there …

          • I dont want no suing of any type ,miss understanding do happen we are all humans. I just want to get back to do what i love cause carnival treated me like family. They even recorgnized me after my 1st 3 months of employment they gave me a chance to make it in life. I owe them that much i just want to get back to do what i love in a place i have grown to love in such a short period of time

          • I had been on carnival splandor for 3 days i fell in my cabin n got injured ,they told me to go home n tke treatment when i was signin ma disembarkation form I mistekenly ticked marked on non rehire so are there any chance of hiring me back as it was my i had sended many emails but they are teeling me that they cant rehire me back so plz if any one can help plz do needfull m very poor…..

    • You say that they treated you like family, but family is not going to fire you without giving you a chance to explain what has happened. Carnival is not a family, it’s a corporation, making a fabulous living by exploiting labor from all over the world. The owner of a company is the richest person in Florida, and his wealth has not been acquired by treating people like family, but treating people like slaves. I just don’t see any other way to get re-hired than filing a lawsuit. A corporation like Carnival is not ruled by sentiment. Any way, a slapped girl still works for Carnival, and she is (officially) not going to be on your side. Until she does …

      • People view things differently. The owner isnt the one serving the guest and interacting with me everyday. Is the people that makes the cruise line and it was them who treated me like family. I dont know the owner while working there my conditions were 100 times better than even my own country. Sorry to say everyone makes mistakes and carnival have some of the greatest employees in the world i have ever met. Winning or filling a lawsuite wont ever fill in the happiness i found just by being part of this family. Maybe i am stupid or naieve but i really wanna work hard to achieve my goals in life and i just want to be delt with fairly in this case.

          • It wasnt their mustake coming to think of it. It was the girl who said she got hit and said it was deliberate. She even bit her tongue she couldnt speak and was really upset. Didnt want apologies or wanted to listen to me. Only now claiming she judge wrongly because she was upset scared and confused. So carnival worked with her statement against mine. Alos my visiting her was anonymous to her as well. Which made me look more suspecious and made her more confused, when i only came to cheer her up by sneaking from the back at the medical center.

          • This is so true…I’ve been one of the victims before and was not given a chance even to be employed by other cruise companies.. They have denied me of my certification for years that I was leading and pleasing them it was too late when they issued me a copy of a certification which led to unsatisfactory results for some other cruise lines… too bad that my family was the one to suffer such results.. I could not even believe how hard hearted CCL’s HR head that if only they saw how i plead for that certificate or even to rehire me…well that’s life..they maybe on top for now but soon they’ll suffer the same consequences that they have given to other crew…. I’m just one of the thousands of crew that sufdered such exploitation…no thanks to the HR Head of CCL…

  6. Hello,

    I was a former employee of CCL for 5 yrs from 2004 to 2009. I was not able to go back to work due to family issues ( death ). Do I stand a chance to be able to work with CCL again? I’m worried since it is almost 6 yrs, I don’t have any medical nor performance issue during my stay, will the company be considerate enough to hire me back?


    • It has been a while, but you do have decent chance to get back.
      Hopefully, you did let them know that you were unable to return. If you said nothing, and just didn’t show up, that’s a problem.

      • That’s not true, man send in your application gain and be patience for and asnwer, we all make mistake, cranial have humbleness and always try to help people whether you dint shows up, everything he an explination, you took a wrong desicion that’s fine, but it’s does not means that your door really lock, you can apply for nother department and then later make a positions change.
        This is from crew member that worked with carnival for 32 years, and carnival gave a second chances, this dministration is sending notes like carnical don’t have any remorce

  7. Hi I worked for Carnival +10 years ago, I completed 9 months and went back on second contract, I went back after 2 months holiday but had to go home for family emergency. But did not go back now I am keen to go again. Will I be able to re-goin ? And if at all possible will my partner be able to apply with me?
    Thanks for your assistance

  8. Hi, I worked for Carnival +10 years ago. I completed 9 months contract went on break for 2 months,returned on to Victory but after only being back a short time I had te resign from ship going home, now I am keen to come back. Will I be able to re-apply and how does the process work. I would also like to know if my partner can apply with me?
    Thanks for your assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Hi, i was onboard when my mother passed away but i chose not to go on emergency because of financial, instead i sent money to use for paying and arranging her wake and internment. Then i went on vacation as scheduled, i arrange things about my mothers property because there are some who are eager to grab this from us who are the legitimate heirs. When i realized that it will consume my vacation i immediately sent an email to crewassistance that i cannot leave the country and join the scheduled ship to start a new contract. They replied back and said that if im ready to come back just contacf my agency. It took me more than a year to finish everything, then i sent an email last nov. 2014 telling them that im ready to come back, again they replied back and said it will go on the process of rehire. Right now the shipboard said there is no available openings.
    My question is, is this a manifestation of not rehiring me back or they will still rehire me soon when opening comes? Wish for your thoughts about this. Thanks.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • If you are waiting 14 months to get back into rotation, it is reasonable to assume that something has gone wrong.
      Try to re-establish a contact with the company.

      • Well actually, it was just last November 2014 when i reported to my agency in compliance with what crewassistance advise, i even sent an email straight to Steven Madrid, luckily he is responsive and he was the one who said there is no opening yet. It is now about less than 4 months iam waiting, i have a strong communication with company because we have an agency to do that. Do you think it is worth waiting? I mean, is there a chance for me to get rehire?
        What dou you feel about this.? Thanks.

        • Sorry, my mistake, confused 2013 and 2014.
          It is worth waiting.
          One crew-member (at my forum) claims to have been rehired after 4 years of leaving the company. But not without re-interview with the local recruiting agency.
          If you have some time, go and try to read topics on the subject of rehire by using Google translate. (Croatian-English)

          • Hi again, i wrote some inquiry regarding my rehire case, i would like to tell you that miami office replied on my emails and approved my rehire. You are right it is worth waiting, just finished my medical and waiting for letter of employment.
            God bless.

          • Hi I got recently fired for being sick with diarreah on the ship I reported it. I spoke to the docter she asked me when did I had my last regular bowels I told her 3 days ago but I guess she didn’t understand or there was a miscommunication because I got fired for not reporting it on time. I want to go back on the ship to wk will I ever be rehired even at a later date

          • You can forget about Carnival.
            As far as they are concerned, you have been spreading norovirus outbreak for three days, and you said nothing about it.
            Everybody knows what is the first step when contracting virus. Report to the onboard medical center immediately. Failing to do that results in termination.
            Miscommunication is not an excuse, for if you don’t understand such a simple instruction, you are safety risk for everybody onboard. Sorry to be brutally honest.

  10. i send mail to crewassistance and i got this answer
    Thank you for contacting Crew Assistance.
    As you have been away from Carnival since 2009 it is necessary that you reapply as a new applicant.
    You must contact the nearest Carnival approved recruitment agency to reapply & please remember to include your previous crew ID number in the “Former Employer” section of application.
    We hope you understand that being a former employee does not guarantee reemployment.
    All the best,
    i finish my last contract as a team headwaiter and now i need again to do the interview my question is on which position i coming back

        • Of course they would say that. They say that to every person regardless if he was hired and worked for Carnival before or he is new-hire. There has never been any guarantee about the cruise ship jobs, no matter what the company name was.

          • I understand that, but I am worried that maybe they put me again from the beginning, from ass waiter, if I can be sure that I will be team waiter or head waiter it is OK and now I don’t know what to do

    • Yes but i was not sick for three days my last regular bowels were 3 days before i came to the doctor. what Im trying to say is that i didn’t use the bathroom until that day i saw the doctor. the first sign of me being sick i reported it that day, that is where she didn’t understood me. I didnt use the bathroom for two day prior going to the doctor.

  11. You just go to agency, ans say what they wrote to you. Don’t even raise the question of position. Act as it is normal that you’re there for head waiter interview, and only if they ask, tell them from crewassistance said that.
    Carnival has no reason to demote you, because your income generates from tips anyway.
    They always need good head waiters.

  12. Hi, you said that if you get fire it is next to impossible for you to get rehired. Well i am very fortunate to see a lot of people who got
    fired due to infractions or violation of rules and reinstated after some months, some of them are very known to me. A cook who left a half lighted cigarette in cabins garbage bin which created huge smoke that was visible along the corridor and even up on the crew mess. He was sent home or got fired, after several contracts i met him onboard and he told me that he was re hired after few months. Another case was a group of head waiters and assistant waiters was sent home because of deck cleaning, the other head waiter made it back on duty one week before surpassing 190 days off the ship, so was not even rehired because his years of service continued, the assistant waiter was rehired as well. What do you think, how the company rightly deciding on who to rehire and who not to? I really love your column! Atleast i have a place to share my experiences for the past 11 years of my stay with cruise line.

    • Hi Angel,
      I’ve been sitting on many meetings where the Captain would fire a crewmember, and I saw him grant a pardon only once, and that’s because the crewmember to discipline was Italian like he was. Most of the time, it was just a formal meeting, and poor crewmember didn’t even have a chance to plea his case. That’s why I believe that getting back after fired is mission impossible.
      However, I have no reason not to trust you. Especially because there is sometimes very strange game in play. I was surprised to hear that some crewmembers got back to the company after being fired, but on another cruise ship in a fleet. Apparently, the cruise company is split in, sort of, smaller firms, like one ship – one firm. So, legally, they don’t take you back, but they actually do.
      You get fired from Victory, but after a while hired to Fantasy. I never investigated in details, but that’s what I’ve heard from several crewmembers.
      Anyways, I run a cruise ship jobs forum, with hundreds of active crewmembers, and if you would like to visit and speak your mind, you are welcome. The forum’s English section is a bit neglected, but all forum’s members understand English.

  13. Hello again, you are right sometimes really strange things happens, and there is nothing wrong with giving second chances, i will always be around to follow your forum.

  14. i worked for carnival cruise line in the year 2013. and my futher contact got dismissed due to my mistake and i am feeling guilty for that . Is their any possibility to get re-hired .

    • And why didn’t you turn back? How long ago? Have you provided Carnival with explanation or you left them waiting and expecting, until they realize you’re not coming?

  15. Hi, it’s me again,
    I wrote some inquiries regarding my rehire case few weeks ago. I would like to tell you that the office (miami) has approved my rehire i recieved the email couple of weeks ago, even my agencies sent mail to me telling to report for medical.
    As of now waiting for medical approval and letter of employment.
    You are right, it is worth waiting! God bless.

  16. I worked for Carnival Cruise lines for almost 12 years as a Stateroom Steward it is possible if I can be a team member again of the said corporation very much willing to undergo medical process as soon as I entitled to do the process of Carnival re-hire start.
    Thank you and more power to all of you in HR department.

  17. Hi,

    How long *should* it take for Carnival to approve your medical? I’m going through an agency and I see you’ve listed some emails here that I could contact. Essentially, those e-mails are the ones that my recruiter is in touch with? I don’t want to go behind my recruiter’s back and try to contact Carnival myself and get on my recruiter’s bad side and delay the process even more? lol. The agency told me it could take up to 3 months (extreme cases) to just get the medical approved… How will I know that Carnival even received it. The medical centre told me they sent it but I don’t want to wait a month to be told they’ve never received it or something stupid like that. Should I just trust my recruiter?
    Thanks for your help. 🙂

  18. worked 20 plus years with ccl until I took my retirement wish to pursued the dream tried the new life by opened business .now almost 2 years of strugelling the business did not work as I expected to be instead took all my investment. I retired with the good work file and good medical record December 2013 .ship carnival spirit .Australia .my last position t.h I have made up my mind wish to come back for another years ..mis a lot of things. Ship,job,friends ,and best memories for the last 20 years . is it possibility of rehiring crew like me is 50-50:granted ?

    • You have to realize, cruise industry has no mercy. It will take the best from you, and dump you when you get old, ill, or unable to perform at the required level.
      That being said, if you have a personal connection onboard, like a manager who remembers you and consider you to be reliable worker, he is your best chance.
      And if you made no friends in over 20 years onboard, chances of you getting back into cruise industry drop dramatically. Good luck!

  19. Well .that,s what exacly I have in mind the age factor is taking a big part of consideration of being rehire by the company I made relation with a lot of manager on board that .I worked with . was real reality bite ..on and off.. All they knew.. Was my best work performances . not as personally ..

  20. Hello,
    I just wanted to know, in case of re-hire who failed to pass the medical test, is there any chances of re applying? I mean if Carnival still gives another chance to consider reapplying? Did you ever heard or encounter such case?

    • If you had failed the medical, and informed Carnival about it, it’s probably “game over”, but if they don’t know, solve the issue that you have, and pass the medical.

  21. Hi,
    When carnival grant you with the process of rehire and you failed with medical does the company gives some grace period you to re apply in the future? or is it also tagged not to rehire again?
    i really love your column. again.

    • As long as the company doesn’t know that you have failed, you can try and try again. But if you tell them that you have failed, it’s pretty much game over.

  22. Iwas Sign off on august 2014,and suposed join on December 12,2014,its because delay report to my local Agent CTI Bali to proces my Visa and Medical,give me the solution,I wanna go back to join again,,,give me the Way to solve my problem,thanks admin.

  23. Hi. I would like to know how likely it is for me and my husband to be rehired after two years off ships. Both of us are in good standing with RCL. Would it be possible to be sent to the same ship if we got rehired? We’ve already sent our requests about a week ago but haven’t got any answer yet. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

    • A week of waiting is nothing to worry about. Give it a couple of months, at least. That’s just how it works. If possible, contact some friends or manager onboard to lobby on your behalf.

  24. How would be lthe effect of the email I sent to the address listed .at carnival rehired process long I could the feed back .from crewassistet whether .I got rehired or rejected .. Thanking you
    Supardi sasmita . applicant

  25. -Hello my name is Sava …
    We had problem in photo lab one month ago someone stole equipment from our photo lab and
    took 3 cameras,6 lenses and some flashes worth 24.000$. they couldn’t found that week
    who stole so they send some guy investigator from office to see what happened and to solve
    a problem.All of us are spoke with him off course and me ,when i start to tell my side of story
    what happened he stopped me and told me that i and my roommate the main suspect because they check the key log
    from my room and he told me that i am coming in my room at 3:15am and again at 4:18am and he is coming 2 minutes after me in 3:17am and 4:20am
    when is a time when someone move the security camera and stole equipment,which is not true because i was all night with my girlfriend in her cabin all night,and my cabin-mate came around 3am to sleep in mine and his cabin after he wash his laundry ,i and my girlfriend came in her cabin at 2 am and since 10 am we didn’t go out,and the security log from her room saying that we coming inside only once in cabin and we get inside of room at least 4 time before 2am,to go the restroom,to take cigarets,to pick up noodles and to sleep…he went after our conversation whit security to search mine and my girlfriend’s room, of course they didn’t found nothing because i didn’t do that … she was also had conversation whit investigator and she told him in every single detail what happened that we was together in same room
    all night, he was started to yelling at her how that she is lying and she want to protect me and stuff and he started to threat her how is he gonna fire her because of that..After that day they forbade us to get off the ship that week .

    The next week coming and they telling us to go to security office to give police mans DNA which i went very quick because i was happy to give that just to prove that i wasn’t there and to prove that im innocent, and then i needed to tell my story again whit yelling and torturing ,they treat me how im gonna go home anyway if im guilty or not
    I was scared because it was my first contract wiling to work not to steal, he started to treat me all the time.
    Since then they told that we can not go outside of our cabin like im the prisoner,until they solve the problem, and staff captain doesn’t wanted to do that but anyway we can not get off the ship… it was 2 weeks like that,like prisoner on ship and suddenly it was Port Canaveral ,embarkation day ,the main HR director telling us that we need to go to polygraph ,i was more then happy
    just to finish whit this harassment and nightmare.

    So i went with one taxi driver about 50-60 miles from ship to some police station there we met one main officer “Giff” -(something like that)…and they kept me in one small cold room 3 hours until my cabin-mate finish,and suddenly one lady coming to take my finger and hand prints,and after that i came in one room to go on polygraph,i sit on the chair the officer explain me that he gonna ask me a some questions which i need to lie and some of them i need to tell truth,so i was ready just to end that thing once forever.
    he started to testing me and we finish around 30-40 minutes…after he finish he put his chair next to me and start to laugh ,and he told me that i failed
    on the test,i was surprised and scary because i knew it that he setting me up or he want from me to admit or something,i told him that is huge mistake because i didn’t do that and i don’t know who did it,and he started to yelling at me soo loud that he was terrified me,and he told me that they already found my finger prints
    which i gave 50 minutes ago, i knew it that he was lying, after him two officers coming inside and started to write my rights…i almost started to cry,because i know
    that i am innocent and because only of the key log i am sitting there and only because i am the only suspect…they start to ask me again what happened that night,and they acted a very unprofessional because they had some wrong information, they didn’t even know some correct information from that case and they acted like i kill someone
    and i need to go in jail.

    They kept to scream on me all the time ,it was all most 2 hours how they asking me again same questions and all the time they forcing me to admit and i told them,okay if you already have my DNA my Finger prints and im lying on polygraph then bring me on court ,because i knew it they lying,i know that is impossible to find my DNA,and finger prints and to lie on polygraph because i was not there…and they keep me almost till 3:15 pm and we arrived around 8 am,and they send me on the ship only because the ship almost sailed away,…and we came on ship,we spoke about what happened the same words the same moves everything is planed like in bad cheap movie…of course we cannot go out and that week…the last day of that cruise 17 April is coming,and that morning HR director calling me in his office to told us that they fired us…i almost start to cry this is the worst thing what happened to me and i ask him why? and he told me that we are lying on polygraph and company doesn’t “trust” us,and i ask him to show me that report from polygraph test he doesn’t even wanted to listen to me…they set us up,all world was crushed for me…we went with security to my room to pack and we had 1 hour to live the ship,and they send us whit some security guy from their office to airport to make sure that im going to airplane.
    ……and about that key log is possible but 12 hours forward,because we finish in that time whit work exactly but 3:15 pm and came back from safety drill at 4:17 pm,so only answer is that they wanted to blame someone no matter what….Now im at home,i don’t feel good ,i cannot sleep i have psychical problems because of that,I visited the doctor and now I drink tranquilizers, because of that.
    Please give me some advice,its obvious that they set me up only because they couldn’t find the right one,just to tell that they found somebody,im a very disappointed i wanted only to WORK nothing else.
    They are harassing me, hurt mine honor, kept me closed, all without evidence and reason … please if you have an idea, to find a solution.Thank you !

    • First, I am sorry to hear such a terrible story.
      Why wouldn’t you share it at popular local forum?

      Secondly, Your only move is to engage a US based lawyer, specialized in wrongful termination of employment. To be honest, your chances of re-employment or compensation are slim, because lawyers tend to stick to injury cases, a proven moneymaker. But at this point, you don’t have much to lose. Although your case seems to be easy to prove in a court of law, based on lack of any physical evidence, cruise line industry is notoriously ignorant of its employee’s human rights and presumption of innocence.
      Popularize your case. Wish you luck.

  26. Hi all, about rehire proces, i received aproved mail from newhirephysical@carnival and i would like to know what should i do next,should i write a mail or just to wait for LOE ? thank you for your time

  27. Hi,
    Can i re apply again after failing the medical test? Does the company considers repeat of hiring process after maybe months or years?

  28. Hello
    I wrote mail to crewassistance and they reply to me that i have to talk to steven madrid about my rehire process.So crewassistance reply me in about 3 days and its been like 15 days since i send mail to steven and still no reply. Anyone know how long does it take for steven to reply the mail

  29. How long should it take for carnival to approve medicals.
    I have sent them thru email a medical fit certificate and all docs personally.

  30. i would like to ask you about how to get back to the ship from emergency sign off,because i have been reported to agent a months ago and there is no anwers and just say wait.And i also sent email to crewassistance a weeks ago and there is no answer as well..i sent email to crewassistance regarding how to reimburse the ticket and i need new,what can i do…can you help me to get back to the ship as soon as possible…

    • It is strange that Carnival would not get back to you to tell you how to reimburse them for the ticket. They are usually quick when collecting money.

      You should probably just wait. Some people wait up to a year to get back. You see, after you have gone, somebody else has taken your place. Carnival was not holding an empty cabin onboard, and continued an operation with one worker missing. They employed another one. Now, it would be unfair to dismiss new crew-member and terminate his contract just because you want to get back. You, and others who want to get back, from 40 and something countries in the World, have to wait until somebody else gets sick, gets promoted, or quit his job and a slot opens, and only then Carnival’s scheduler will contact one of you.

      Another thing, if your work performance has not been satisfying, Carnival just might not call you at all. Be prepared to provide the proof of your emergency leave.

      • hi! i would like to know what is the process of an emergency leave? i went on an emergency leave last december and i reported to the agency last april and emailed steven madrid the proof of the emergency. but until now he didnt replied yet. how long does it take to know if he will approve the come back? or does he even reject someone coming from an emergency leave? thanks!

        • Every cruise line company has slightly different “emergency leave” conditions. If you have worked for Carnival, take a look at your contract, it should be written there. As for the approval to get back, it might take months. Your request is one of the many. I think cruise lines prefer to employ candidates without history of “emergency leave”, thus improving chances of having no requests in future. “Emergency Leave” is something cruise lines provide, but try to prevent it with any means available, since it costs them $$$.

  31. So I was fired from 1 cruise company years ago for failing a drug test, I had no charges or problems, just sacked. Could I apply for a different company now? would they know I got fired from my last company?

    • Go ahead. The cruise line companies do not cooperate in that matter. But be careful, Carnival, for example, owns 10 individual cruise line brands, and if you’re fired from one, you’re most likely fired from all.
      You best don’t mention any previous ship experience at new interview, it could only lower your chances to get a job.

  32. HI there.

    I have a question.

    I got dismissed from CCL on 2009. And i want to know if I have the chance, after 6 years, to be rehired. .. it’s there any chance tho???

  33. Hey,

    So I was hired in 2012 as EStaff. I left 5 into my contract due to property damage from Hurricane Sandy. I switched to the youth department and worked 4 months before having to leave on emergency. I was told I was elginle for rehire by my youth director, she gave me a great evaluation and even wrote me a letter of recommendation.

    I have reapplied to EStaff now just a few days ago…. My concern is that because I left on emergency that They may frien on that.

    What’s your thoughts?

      • I paid for the ticket. My ex husband who had care of my son was deployed unexpectedly by the USCG and I had to go home to take care of him. They knew this, and told me I was leaving on good standing.
        I applied for a position as Club O2 director in May and got interviewed, so I’m assuming HR said im elgible for rehire…. I can’t imagine they would interview me for a position if they were not cleared to hire me. I didn’t get the pisition, but… I also didn’t have a degree behind me that was preferred for the position.

  34. Hi, I also have one question…Me and my husband resigned from NCL few months ago, because we had one very good business opportunity. That was our second contract, we did not made any problems and we had good evaluations. Now I can see that on NCL was better. Can we go back, even if we have status DO NOT HIRE? Manager gave us that status, but when we when in HR department he told us that is possible to get back on, because we have good remarks any we didn’t get fired, we resigned….So can you tell me what do you think. Because I dont want to make a bigger mistake.

  35. Hello i have one question i worked for carnival almost 6 years from 1 of august 2015 till july ID 294175..and i,m from bali indonesia….my position was cabin steward…but on july 2012 i had really serious personal family matter so i went for emergency sign off and everything it has been ok now…so i have plan comeback to join again with carnival..may i have chance to come back or not??i had a good evaluation while i working with carnival…i never had problem. . if you don’t mind could you give me idea?? Thank you very much in advance. .

    • Well, I can only give you my opinion, and that’s not much, so it’s best for you to try and see what happens. The rehire instructions are explained in text above.

  36. hi i would like to know if there is any chance to get rehire in any of the cruises in carnival corp ,, i worked as a bar waiter i didnt get rehired coz’ low performance i just ile to know if possible to get rehired in any company involved with carnival corp , thanks,,

  37. My boyfriend and I had a fight.. Both of us sent home, we’re terminated. will it be posible for carnival to rehire us again? Or do I have to apply on other cruise line? Do I still have a chance to work still on other cruise line company? Please answer…

  38. Hi! My case: I worked for RCCL for over 8 years, with only one warning on file (given on my 1st contract in 2007) was dismissed from my job because a galley utility was in my working area and he handed me a plate of food which I stored on my trolley to throw away, behind him was coming the staff captain, he took the food and question me if that had happend before, to which I responded No, that I didn´t know the name of the galley utility.
    This incident ocurred on a thrusday and I was fired on the following Monday.96 hours after the incident happend.
    My question is: Was it right to dismissed me after so many days/hours? Can I be rehire?
    Thanks for your answer.

    • My opinion; After being fired for trying to smuggle food to crew quarters, you don’t stand any chance for rehire. Especially because Staff Captain was involved.
      Years of service don’t mean squat to them.
      Why don’t you try another cruise line company?

  39. Hi,
    With CCL is it only Steven Madrid who is responsible for deciding who gets rehired? All those tons of emails he has to go through everyday and decide who gets the job. Is there not anyone else we can plead to?

  40. Hi I worked on carnival as a show band singer an had a lot problem with my MD he treated me bad an as I finish my first contract before I left the ship he called me in a room an told me that I don’t think this the job for you.I told my agent that I wanted to do the 2.0 there a chance for me or no.

  41. Hi,
    Back in Feb. of last year I got hired for a position onboard, 2 wks in unfortunately I had to ask for an emergency leave due to problems back home. Finally had everything fixed and am planning on applying,not necessarily on the same cruise line,not thinking of mentioning my previous shipboard exp, but I was just wondering, would this,in any way affect my application once my Seafarer’s book is checked? Thanks!

    • Umesh, Carnival’s email reply time is widely unpredictable. It often stretches to several months. I am guessing that the wait time depends a lot on your last evaluation. If it was bad, you may never hear from them again, and your Carnival story is finished.

  42. Hi! I am a new hired. I work for 2 weeks and signed off due to my son is missing. That time i told the hr that i want to go home because i miss my family so much. And i could’nt focus because its bothers me a lot. I did’nt told them the true reason. I am totally distressed at that time. Do i have a chance if returning to the company

    • I don’t think so. Carnival has no guarantee that you wouldn’t do it again. It would cost them money, and whenever there’s situation like that, you can be sure they won’t risk spending their money.
      Besides, having distressed people on a ship is a huge safety risk.

  43. My name is Felipe Freire, an ex CSA back in 2011…… I already sent an email to you, just would like to know if the email really got thru and what are my chances to be accepted back…..

  44. I meant, to crewassistance…..I thought you would have some connection….. to at least know if the email reached there…..

  45. I work for carnival 13 years in the casino department .carnival can send us to different brands such us Princess. I got discharge from the vessel princess ship. I have been told that princess discharge me from the ship no carnival.
    Anyway carnoval told i will be rehired that i have to apply again. But the question is Carnival had a retirent plan who rich 10 years. I have 13 years so can i take my retirement money ? After to be discharge from the ship 2 weeks ago.

  46. is possible for me to return and join with carnival cruise line?
    my last position is asst cook lido
    i was leaving for vacations

    • What does this mean “i was leaving for vacations”. Everyone is leaving for vacation, sooner or later.
      Did you not return when you were supposed to? Why?

  47. Well, I had a problem last day on disimbark day…i fall a sleep and late to go to the crew office for my money. Because of that i got very offensive words from my maneger about my look and nationality and she told me that I am not going ever to come back on Princesss any more! My appraisals was very good, everything from my side was perfect, except last day.
    When i come back home, few days after, i got DNR letter and I was really disappointed. Now my question is where I can apply now for a cruise job more, because Princess cruise doesn’t want to rehire me any more… I worked in the shop.

    • Go wherever they don’t know of you. And that’s Royal, Celebrity, MSC, Viking, NCL …
      Avoid your previous hiring agency, and Carnival corporation, where they might have your history on file.

  48. Hi all! What is the procedure if i cannot go back to ship from vacation because of health issue ( small surgery) i would need 1 or 2 more weeks Than its scheduled.

  49. Hi ..what happen if I was resign from RCL and I was paying my own ticket and now I deside to come back again because I can solved my divorce problem ,and before I go that HR says thant I can come back as long not more than 1 year since I left.and also on my seaman book my status is vacation..please I need your answer for this matter..I really follow comments to other and really enjoy to read.thanks

  50. Good day, I would like to know what is the worst mistake you can do on the ship never get hired again.

  51. I sign off July 11 2016 until now I don’t have my letter of employment in my crew #222801 thanks in advance.

  52. Hi i was working in cruise ship but i got no rehiring status so i just want to know that is there any possibilitoes to get a job in another cruise ship or shall i move on to hotels.please let me know .

  53. My name Putu ruly #ID. 419 488 from Bali Indonesia. in mid 2012. I return of the ship Fantasy in emergency situations. circumstances at home made me have not been able to return to work at the carnival For longer having to organize family and dificult economic jack of all I must return the tickets to the companies that I have not had in the added my documents all of which are expired and finally I had frustration and resignation because in my mind that I would not be able to work again at the carnival … to the point in life does not seem minus 3 years i’ve been at home only with farming at home. increasingly difficult situation made me want to come back together and working on my own carnival report to CTI agent bali since 5-6 months ago as I recall it 4-5 times For me to report back at the carnival can join but there has been no satisfactory response from the CTI .. carnival which he said there has been no vacancy. beg in the aid for the continuation of my this process… What i have to apply from scratch or how to .. thanks

  54. Hi, I did a medical for a cruise ship I worked on in February 2016. Now I’m hired to go on a next ship. Can I use that medical form because my agent is saying that if I did a medical then its good for 2 years but the clinic that the agency uses to send us to get a medical want me to do everything over and that’s extra money. Will the new ship except my medical form from my previous job on the cruiseship? Every question is the same, the agency just want the same information on the form that the ship is giving me. And I also want to know if this clinic is trying to get more money out of me. Because the medical form is good for two years, why won’t she transfer all the information on the next form. And she’s giving more tests than the form require

  55. Hey 🙂
    Great post! And some great no-nonsense replies!
    Pretty please do the same for me:

    Long story short, I got terminated from CCL (Ents.) four years ago, for minor fraternizing. Now I’m really wanting to go back to ships, and I’ve got to the final HR interview stage with RCI (tomorrow).

    So far, I haven’t mentioned my sordid past 😉 as it hasn’t come up with my agent or in my first RCI interview. I was hoping it would stay that way.

    But now I have to fill out an online HR form before the interview – and one of the questions asks if I’ve worked on ships before. Y? N? Bugger.
    Not sure what to do… If I lie, I could be found out and fired further down the line… if I tell the truth, I guess I’d probably not get the job.

    Up til now, I guess I figured that I’d not tell the truth, do such a kick-ass job and, if they ever did find out, they’d want to keep me anyway… On the other hand, if I tell the truth I could explain it away with being a silly kid four years ago, learned from it, not likely to make the same mistake etc, IF I get a chance to speak to HR at all.. but with the form in front of me, I’m feeling really torn about how to answer.

    Just looking for some of your insight. What would you do? Hit me! 😉

    • The moment you mention your past employment onboard, you’re history. CCL has nothing to do with RCI, so stay calm, there is no way for them to find out about your past indiscretions ..
      But when applying for visa, make sure you do the applying, not some agency, and be honest, you can not trick US embassy. And embassy doesn’t care that you’ve been fired one upon a time.

      • Thanks! Great advice – I hadn’t even thought about the visa! (I had thought maybe RCI could find out from past CCL colleagues – made lotsa good friends but also one or two enemies(!) and we know how ppl talk!) I went with your advice though. Thanks again.

      • So my application is progressing. Another question please, if you have a moment:
        Do you have _any_ idea whether a background check may highlight my past employment and firing on ccl. They’re gonna use a third party company called HireRight.

      • Hi again!
        Currently completing all pre-employment info and a thought struck me. RCCL’s going to require a C1/D visa.

        I have a current valid visa from working on CCL (but then got fired).

        It was issued in 2012. It expires in 2022.

        When the time comes, I could send them a copy of this, but won’t they question me when they see it was issued in 2012?? Won’t RCCL realise that I have in fact worked for a previous cruise line.

        Or should I just apply for a new one? Won’t that then raise flags with the US embassy?

        Argh. Thanks in advance! x

        • I don’t see a problem. It is highly unlikely that someone from RCCL would go on to investigate origin of your C1/D visa.
          If you are hired, from that moment on, you are dealing with just one person from RCCL, and his job is to get you onboard to a place of a person who is leaving the ship.
          As far as he is concerned, you are hired, and need to have visa before he sends a letter of employment. And a medical of course. His job is to fit you in, not to look for reasons to undermine effort of his colleagues who had hired you.

          • Ok, thanks, that makes sense.

            Just a worry, because I’ve had an offer letter (different from an LOE), and have been placed in the talent pool, pending their background check, verification of credentials etc.
            They’ve also told me that I can be reimbursed any visa costs – when I tell them I won’t need reimbursing, I’m worried that’s when they’ll start questioning.

            Anyway, I guess I’ll just wait until everything else is done, make sure I have been officially ‘hired’, before shelling out for a medical and sending them a copy of my C1/D.

            Thanks again!

          • Don’t worry. Visa is in category: You have it, or – you don’t have it. I have never heard of any crew member being investigated for why he/she has visa.

          • OK, thanks a lot. Fingers crossed that already having a visa doesn’t raise concerns.

            (Do you know if it’s possible to apply for another C1/D visa, even if the one I have is 5 years in-date?)


  56. Good morning!
    I used to work on Carnival Cruise Lines as a Casino dealer. On my third contract I got fired because of the minor physical altercation with another crew member. I didn’t had any warnings before but according to your conclusions I understand that I almost don’t have any chances to be re-hired back on CCL. But I really want to get back on the ships, so I decided to try my chances with another cruise line.
    Could you please suggest me:
    1. Is it better to try via Employment Agency or directly with the company?
    2. Is it really better NOT to tell them about working on Carnival at all?

    Thank you in advance. I’m really rely on your help.

    • Casino dealers are always in high demand. If I were you, I would apply online, for another company, and told them I worked for Carnival, but left for another reason.
      You have two contracts finished, so you would have to have two good evaluations to show for.

      • Apparently I don’t have my Evaluations with me. Does it mean that the new company will try to check these Evaluations with CCL and probably will discover how “bad person I am)”? Or is it just my pessimistic fantasy?

  57. Hi! I was working in CCL as a commis in october 13 2016, i suffered homesickness and resigned october 29, 2016. I dont want to go back to ccl because of what i experienced in working time and work load. I work almost 12hrs a day and i cant take a break because of my work load. But i want to apply to other cruiseline. My concern is can i still appy to other cruiseline? Can i tell them what is the reason that i resigned? My biggest concern is may seamans book and passport has a stamp of the date that i was working in CCL and the date that ive been admitted to different countries when i was transitting. Thank you so much.

    • Apply to some other company, they will not look into your password or seaman’s book. No cruise line does. Don’t tell them anything about your previous experience onboard. The moment you tell them, you lose any chance to be hired.
      But bear in mind, all cruise line companies are the same when it comes to the work load. That’s the industry standard. You are destined to be overworked and sleep deprived. 16 days of your previous cruise ship experience is a good indicator of what happens during every single day of your contract, no exceptions.

  58. Hello. I have a question.I was fired from Carnival on my first contract for having relationship with a passanger, but then I applied to another company and had a second full contract there( even extended). But they weren`t in any way connected to Carnival. First I tried to not mention the Carnival experience on my resume but they responded that they are not interested in new hires right now so I told them that I actually had cruise experience but I had to expalin why I didn`t finish it and then why I got fired etc. But anyway they hired me. But now I want to apply with Costa or Princess and they are subsidiary of Carnival. You say that once fired from one of them, you get fired for all of them. I don`t know. You mean to tell me that every single cruise line owned by Carnival Corp is tracking a record on you? How can from Costa know about being fired from Carnival if I don`t mention it? And even if they do isn`t it too much to block your entire future carreer for being fired once in a life time? Desn`t the fact that if you have had other contracts after that compensate this mistake for future hire? It really does sound like absurd to me.

    • If a cruise line company fires you, and later by some chance rehires you, and you repeat your mistake (get involved with a passenger), but this time a passenger decide to sue company for whatever reason, say sexual harassment for example, a good lawyer would have a field day when discovering your past. Home run for a plaintiff. I am not saying that your chances to get hired by Costa are non existent, but they would be pretty foolish not to have some kind of “black sheep” database. Then, every department has some kind of oversight, for example, a person who is jumping from ship to ship and in Carnival’s case, from company to company under their wing, and he/she would remember you being fired, even after several years.
      When it comes to fairness, ability to redeem or forgive, Carnival is big business, and fairness or forgiveness does not belong with Carnival in the same sentence. Carnival operates under xy flag in international waters, and legal norms to them do not apply, they can do whatever they want. For example, majority of their business and income generate US citizens, but they pay taxes to Panama, or Bahama …

  59. Hi.. i just want to ask about the rehire status.. i was on maternity leave but i maxed out on the maternity leave days.. however before my maxed out maternity leave days was fully exhausted i got a chance to email them and informed that i have to renew my documentation.. its been 3 months of waiting but ccl hasnt given me any update if they will grant me rehire or you think they will still rehire husband is working on board also.. anything he can do to assist me..pls advise.. thanks..

  60. Ya, ya that`s why I was hired again from another cruise company even being a “black ship”. If they are short with people they have no choice. And indeed there are plenty of people with clean records and plenty of them are without any cruise experience. How can they be sure that they won`t make same mistake as I did, which is very likely because they are first timers and don`t pay much attention. Where is the risk if I have redeemed myself? I must be bloody stupid to make same mistake twice won`t I? What I mean is they risk to some sort but anyway they can risk with potential new hire as well. And most importantly in cruise business they is always high turnover of employes. And If subsidiary of Carnival corp would know then let them. I `ve decided to put everything on my CV anyway and give it a try instead of lying. Will see what happens!

  61. Apparently I don’t have my Evaluations with me. Does it mean that the new company will try to check these Evaluations with CCL and probably will discover how “bad person I am)”?

  62. I have a question. Can somebody explain this politics of discrimanation and why?

    First they write about equal opportunites no matter of national origin and then they don`t want to hire emlployes from Eastern Europe.

    XXX…Cruises is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

    The recruiter advertising this job can accept applicants only from Western Europe and Central Europe for this position

    • It is a very very good question.
      I think maybe they just want to look good by stating that. And if someone like you asks wtf? they can always say something like “our quota for this or that nationality in our company is full …”
      But most of the time, they will not bother to answer at all.

  63. Good day! I was working as bartender in Norwegian Sun and after three months of my first contract I had to resign due to a family emergency, ( for my mom’s health) that took around 8 months to overcome. During my first three months I got two Vacation Hero Awards and I performed correctly my duties. I want to continue my career on board and I want to apply for a rehire. Is it possible in my case? I was away from the company 9 months.

  64. Hello admin would like to ask if you have the details of the most recent/current e-mail address that carnival has for new hire employees regarding PRE-EMPLOYMENT MEDICL RESULT (FOLLOW-UP) ? Though I already seen some e-mail address from above the post.. Thank you very much..

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