Carnival refused to take me back, & offered $5.000 in compensation


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Forum, I need advice
I worked for Carnival 4 contracts. From first contract I have problem with a knee injury.
They give me two days off & back to work of course, with inevitable ibuprofen therapy.
My last contract situation got worse, I could not stand on my feet.
After two weeks onboard, they sent me home as medical sing off.
They paid me a doctor in my town, and put some money on my account.
After two months of treatment, I sent them final finding from a doctor.
The doctor recommended a change of work assignment because my previous positions required standing for a long periods of time.
I got a mail back where they say they were sorry, but they could not take me back, and they offered me $5.000 in compensation.
I don’t think it’s fair.

Cruise Ship Veteran

My opinion is that company offered you $5k because it’s a pocket change for them, for which they can probably even get reimbursement from insurance. Perhaps they reckon it is easier to do that and avoid further conflict.
Often cruise companies offer cash to avoid lawsuits, appeals and arguments, but that does not necessarily mean they would lose the case in the court. It’s just easier to pay $5.000 rather than messing with someone.

Of course, they are aware that with a good lawyer, a doctor and some acting you can present your case of being forced to stand 16 hours, say they didn’t care about you and who knows what, but it’s not at all simple.

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2 thoughts on “Carnival refused to take me back, & offered $5.000 in compensation

  1. Well what do you want them to do?If you can not do the job,than why would they take you back?You are lucky they offered 5000$,on court I do not think you stand a chance and you will probably spend a lot more on lawyer.

    And for wolfns comment,they did not force anyone to do anything,if you do not like it you can always resign and go home!It is sad and unfair,but it is what it is,individually we can not change anything.

  2. Carnival NEVER offer money if they are no guilty
    1. crew member injury probably require surgery
    and there we have -surgery cost
    – PT costs
    -transport cost
    -hotel cost
    -cure and maintenance cost
    -compensation cost

    total damage 50.000-100.000 USD

    and what if crew need 2nd surgery ??

    2. Even is surgery is not recommended compensation for injury is for sure higher .

    Obviously he was not informed about his legal rights and he didn`t know his chances

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