Carnival photographer. For amount of work – not enough money.

Username: Jacob83
Country: Serbia
Gender: M
Company: Carnival
Position: Photographer

How did you hear about work on cruise ships?
The first time I heard about it was when I read the article in the press, and then I found this online forum in google. This forum had enough information provided for everyone interested in cruise ship employment.

What motivated you to apply for a job on a cruise ships?
Primarily the money, and then the opportunity to travel to some countries that otherwise I would never have seen.

Which recruiting agencies for work on cruise ships you visited?
I applied through three agencies and passed all three interviews, got the job. In the end I decided for a company that has given me the fastest embarkation date.
The three agency I applied for a job are Safe Cruise, Kouzon and Employment Power. I was not dwelling much about what agency to go to, it is best to apply to more/all of them.

Which cruise ship company and the position have you applied for, and why?
Again, I applied to several of them, Carnival, Princess and MSC Cruises. I applied as a photographer, because that’s what I do, that’s my profession.

How long did the interview last and when you find out that you’ve hired?
With Princess it was the fastest, lasted barely 20 minutes and the next day I found out I passed the interview.
With Carnival was similar, Julia held an interview for some 20 minutes and immediately told me I passed.
With the MSC it was little more complicated, first I went to Skopje for interview, I waited all day and then interview lasted about 15 minutes. I found out a week later that I passed the interview.

What were your expenses of getting a job on ship?
Altogether about 1,500 euros where the greatest cost was air travel ticket, 900 euros.

Were you satisfied with profits?
For all that photographers do on Carnival, salary is too low. Now someone will say how come $1200 is a not enough, when in Serbia people work all month for $200, but I say for all that is required from a Carnival photographer – it is not enough.
Photographers Literally do everything, take photos while people dine, at gangways, we dress those stupid costumes, some of which are almost torture devices, such as lobster costume, under which you suffocate as in a sauna, and you can not breathe.
Then we photograph portraits, do setup and breakdown of the same, we sell all sorts of things in the gallery, we sell Canvas, we have to book for Dream studio, etc.

So, for the amount of work – not enough money.

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