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Here, I finally found some time, actually recovered from being lost on board and I purchased an internet card ($ 20 – 300 min if I remember correctly).

I’ll try to describe my impressions and general coping with the life on board.
I boarded in Athens on August 02, 2010, Ruby Princess.
When I came into the harbor, I just said F *** what a big boat 🙂 and after 5 days I started to find my way on board somehow, I knew from the first attempt to find my cabin, wash-machine, crew bar, crew pool etc..
As for my work onboard, it was really hard to stand on my feet for 12 hours, I had never worked like that, standing, but slowly, my legs recovered, and actually got used to it.
I am on the position of Assistant Buffet Steward and my daily job is to supply crew mess with food from the warehouse, clearing tables and some other small errands.
Work is not that difficult, but the only thing, my legs really hurt, by the way, I was at a doctor on board. He gave me some ointment to massage feet and ibuprofen, I got shoe pads to raise the heels and I’m a little better now.

I have 3x 30 min breaks for meals and a 2h as a bigger break. I used them in the way that I went to the pool or out off the boat. So far, since I boarded I was in Kusadasi and Rhodes, and I tanned but red, so it is additionally aggravating while on duty, so people get ready with cosmetics for sun, it is scorching hot here :-).

As for my supervisor, he is from Thailand, and it’s okay person, everything he tells me I do. Sometimes he is joking with me, and another important thing, he helps me work, helps me carry boxes and so on.
My co-workers are people from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary, so it was really helpful, because they helped me get familiar with procedures and facilities.
My roommate was also a Serb, although I expected Filipino or another nationality.
I haven’t been at a party in the crew bar yet, because I am still getting used to long work hours and recovering from the foot pain, but not to worry, there will be time. Right now, the only thing I want after work is a bed.
That’s it for now, and as sailors would say, calm seas!



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