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Today is the last day of my third contract with the Carnival.

I have extended this contract, as all previous, as long as I could.
The ship (Carnival Liberty) was excellent from the viewpoint of my work load – I had very few technical problems and stress. The destinations I have visited … wow, it’s something else! I visited nearly the entire Caribbean!

In the first part of the contract, the ship’s cruises were dynamic, a little to the west, a little to the south, then east … 5, 7, 8 days … never bored, never routine … And when it began to look like it will be boring, ship repositioned itself to Puerto Rico, and again set off a whole new Cruise, new destinations, new experiences … Even a couple of unplanned deviations due to the bad weather brought some additional islands to the list of “visited”.
I think only world cruise can be better than that, ie. richer and more fulfilling experience.

All in all, I was extremely pleased with the work and life on this ship, I asked for a contract extension and was granted request. It was planned to be a 10 months contract, and then towards the end I was “asked” to stay another 15 days since my replacement was not ready. I accepted wholeheartedly! I stayed here just over 10 and a half months … that’s more than enough from me.

As of this contract, I had achieved all my objectives for which I started the ship’s story. I do not want to publicize her what and how, but I have solved all the issues that I would not manage to solve had I stayed in Serbia … for myself, family and loved ones.

I will definitely come back for another contract, but now completely relieved, no more “I still have to stay so-and-so months/years” … now I can leave ship whenever I want, I can say anytime that is enough and happily retire to solid ground.
Primarily because of the years, and without a family based, I can not afford to live for a long time at sea, this story will have to end in the near future.

I’ll probably share with you more details on vacation, a variety of experiences, but for this packing break is enough.