NCL interview questions for Assistant Waiter

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Hello everyone.
I see that there is not much information about NCL. I just had an interview with the recruiter for the restaurant department, so here’s questions asked.
I was interviewed for position Assistant Waitress, in Zagreb.
The first 15 minutes, the recruiter held a small presentation about them. After the presentation, we were invited to an interview.

In order to skip an unnecessary things, I’ll get to the most important info. The questions were these:
Why Norwegian Cruise Line?
What benefits provides you working for Norwegian Cruise Line?
What do you know about Norwegian Cruise Line?
Would you have a problem to share a room with other three NCL Assistant Waiters?
Describe your job title, how many tables you serve?
What did you have on the menu for breakfast?
How have you served breakfast?
Did you write down orders or remembered?
What soups do you know?
Can you name some main dishes?
What did you serve with pasta, which sauces and what cutlery to eat with?
Have you heard of eggplant mozzarella tower?
What sauce goes with turkey?
What sauce goes with beef?
Do you have any questions for me?

Well, that’s it, I hope you’ll find this helpful
And wish me luck!