It’s hard, really, really hard

Country: Croatia
Company: Royal Caribbean
Occupation: Assistant Waiter
Ship: Allure Of The Seas
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I want to say a bit more about emotional side of leaving home for a cruise ship job.
Since RCCL has recently introduced some new crew internet packages, it is a little easier, although the majority of internet packages are still very expensive and management change packages literally every week. Here and there one can find something interesting.
In the beginning I always used to purchase the wifi package, but no longer, now I go to the crew Internet room and for some dollar and a half an hour, I can write home, use e-mail and so on, and this package has to be spend an hour in 30 days, which is not so bad!

As for emotions, it is very difficult. Ups and downs are happening on a daily basis. I found a team of ex-Yugoslavia crewmembers, and they are really o.k., we are all brothers, sisters and so on. In the evening we sit in the crew bar on the deck 6, we drink beer and have fun, every night, and that’s relaxing, but, as I have a child, wife … it is enough for me to see a child who is doing some nonsense nearby and parents laughing, watch over him or running after him …. I go to the bathroom, wash my face … to get a grip of myself because I drift off in seconds.

It was my birthday the other day, I looked up on Facebook and what do I see? A picture of my wife, child and a cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY … it took me literally back to the very beginning of the contract, chaos, horror, tears, I cried like a girl in front all those people in the internet room. It’s hard, really hard, here, even now as I write this text, I think of them and tears start running down my face.