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Join the cruise ship job forum and apply to the open ship-board vacancies immediately.
Express your interest by sending a copy of your CV to the Kouzon recruiting agency.
Agency focus is currently on Silversea Cruises recruitment, company that pays employees above average salaries in the industry.
Brush up on your language skills and secure your place in 6 stars floating hotels of the Silversea company.

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Seven years after I had started Cruise Ship Jobs Forum, that have registered its 9.086th member today, I am glad to see what has became of it.
The forum has been dominating in the Google search results for words “cruise ship job” in this part of the World, (Balkan)
It is time to expand its visibility to the English language region.
It will not be easy, since my cruise ship jobs forum does not rank in the first 30 pages for the above mentioned keywords.

Cruise Ship Careers




The Army of Cruise Ship Jobs Scam Artists has built The Great Wall of China around those keywords, and they sell all kinds of products (manuals, eLearn courses, books, diplomas, … you name it), to the wide-eyed unemployed troops across the Globe.
This web site should help them keep their money and stay vigilant.

Before I forget, special thanks to the Cruise Ship Jobs Veterans, that have helped me build an online community by writing about their their precious experience.
I also thank newly registered members for writing about interview process, medical examination, visa issues, and other situations while waiting for deserved Letter of Employment. Their experiences help new applicants tremendously. Keep writing! Since I will be writing these pages according to the sections above the photo, I will lay out some of my random thoughts about the forum in general. The forum has a great deal of information about cruise ship employment process, but it is understandable just to Serbs, Croatians, Macedonians, Bosnian and perhaps Slovenian & Montenegro people. There are very few posts written in English. Hopefully, that will change.

It is a place where I will help answer questions and shed some light on what the cruise job really is, and explain what it takes to get a job. I hope that other members will help, and that we will make a mark as valuable, trustworthy source of information to the people from all over the World.

The single, most important information I will give you right away is that you should hold on to your money, instead of sending it to the scammers. Nobody can give you a Cruise Ship Job except the Cruise Company representative.

When it comes to cruise company agents, they are little more than facilitators.
They facilitate an interview between you and the recruiter.
Some of you may try a telephone interview with the recruiter.
It involves risks. I know people who have succeeded and got the job, and I know people who traveled 500 miles just to realize they have been given a fake address.
Therefore – stick to the known routes and familiar territory.

For the most part, your best chance to land a cruise ship job is to compile bulletproofed CV, and email it to the company HR department.

All Cruise Lines have their “Careers” web page set up, and your local, licensed, recruitment agency listed.
It may happen that someone comes up claiming he employs for certain cruise line, that is not officially listed, but be aware.
I have heard of some individuals who have developed relationships with the cruise companies’ HR departments.
They work without license, keep low profile, avoid paying taxes, and charge candidates hefty sums of money (fee).

Whatever the case may be, I invite everyone to share their successful & unsuccessful stories at the Cruise Jobs Forum.