Four gunman arrested on Costa Magica

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The weapons involved drama took place on Thursday, on a cruise ship “Costa Magica” in the Greek port of Piraeus.
The most passengers, among whom were Croats, were not even aware of the incident, Slobodna Dalmacija daily writes.
The incident details were unofficially learned from the Croatian passengers who had embarked among 3,000 passengers from Venice, on a seven-day Mediterranean cruise.

Greek police arrested one woman and three men for possession of a firearm.

Eyewitnesses were placed in adjacent cabins onboard the ship, right next to the arrested, that police have also examined. They claim that it is at least four guns confiscated. Who are the owners of weapons that police suspected and left a message at the front desk to come forward?, it is not yet known, nor their intentions.
The police soon found them, disembarked them from the ship, that sailed away from Piraeus after a long delay.

Interestingly, the news about the arrest of four passengers for possession of weapons on a cruise ship could not be found either in Italian or in the Greek media.
But our interviewees, Dubrovnik sailors who sail on cruise ships, told us that it should not be surprising.
Because of the bad publicity, and thus risks to business, the public remained uninformed of even bigger incidents than weapons smuggling.

Luxury cruise ship “Costa Magica” sails along the route from Venice, Bari, via Dubrovnik, Greek Piraeus to Turkish port Izmir.